Review-My Heart My Mind by Dani Graves

When Declan Duncan left Seattle, he left his life behind for healing time on the farm. He closed his therapy practice after the loss of a patient. He left his businesses to managers, lawyers and friends. He abandoned his leadership role in a community he loved and ended a long term relationship with a submissive. Now, he is returning home healed and healthier, but lonely, confused and searching – for what he doesn’t know.

Jocelyn McCray has battled forgotten traumas from an early age. Since the age of fourteen she has fought tooth and nail to achieve a normal life and now that life is falling to pieces. On the edge of a mental crisis she meets Declan, a man, a Dom and a legend in the community she now considers hers. Is Jocelyn brave enough to let Declan help her, and can Declan find a way to save her sanity before it to late – when what he really wants is her heart. 

I am a wife, mother and about to be grandmother. As a kid with Dyslexia, learning to read was a painful and slow process, but with lots of practice I became a voracious reader, I still am. I live on a farm in rural Washington State with my hubby, two dogs, two cats and a flock of chickens. I write every day, sometimes at odd hours and I still read every night. 

With a creative heart and intellectual background, writing has become my outlet. I like creating characters that are lovable, flawed and diverse, settings that I can see myself in and relationships that are entertaining, meaningful and significant. As the self-defined brat in my family, I developed a fascination with social taboo’s, (BDSM, Motorcycle Club and Alternative religions to name a few), and what motivates someone to pursue them. So I create stories about life, good and bad, about love, hot and sexy and the pursuit of individual happiness. But by far my deepest motivation is the readers, providing a little bit of fantasy, a little bit of entertainment and a great escape is my reward.  

 I have not read a book from Dani Graves until this one, and I am so glad this was my first one!\par
This book is about BDSM and the "life" in the club and out of the club and how the different characters try to live in both. The characters seem real and I fell in love with a few of them. \par
Declan is a Dom but has been away from the club scene for a while but comes back and tries to get back into the BDSM club scene. He is a very kind, loving, sweet man behind all his toughness and the last thing he wants is to be attracted to anyone. But then he meets Jocelyn and they both feel the attraction but don't want to admit it. \par
Both have demon's they are trying to deal with and just not sure how. Jocelyn suffers from panic attacks and being in the BDSM scene sometimes bring them back full force. You don't find out why till later in the book. There are other characters but I really fell in love with these two. Their chemistry together fits perfectly. I smiled and laughed quite a bit.\par
The only thing that bothered me was how the author did each perspective from each character.  When it was a point of view from "Jocelyn", you get ***Jocelyn** and when it changes you get the same thing except with that character between the stars. It's not that the different points of few bothered me because that is what made the book come together for me was the different perspectives but I just got confused at first when in the middle of the chapter ***Jocelyn** was telling her thoughts and then all of a sudden it was ***Declan**. Maybe have each chapter from a different characters point of view or even put a few more lines between changing point of views. Out of the whole book this is the only thing that really had me confused at times.\par
Overall I enjoyed this book! I will read more from this author because I do feel this author has talent and can tell a very good, exciting story that will keep my interest all the way through! Keep an eye on this author, I see a bright future!
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