Review-Beautiful Scars by D. L. Johnson

 Growing up was not easy for Chantelle. At an early age her innocent eyes witnessed some of the ugliness the world had to offer. Determined not to be like her mother, she sets out to find her own path in life. With her new found freedom and her best friend Shaundra leading the way, Chantelle quickly falls into the fast paced night life laced with partying, men and drinking. Through it all she just wants the one thing that she never had, love. But after a failed relationship leaves her feeling lost and alone, she holds onto what she knew to be solid and true, her deep rooted friendship with Shaundra. When life serves up another horrible blow she’s left questioning not only her friendship but also herself. Join Chantelle on her journey as she learns when to love and when to let go.

 I was born in Louisville Kentucky where I still reside. I have three wonderful sons and a supportive husband who I love dearly and come second in my life only to God. I have been writing poetry and short stories since junior high school and it has become one of my passions in life. I published my first book of poems Words From A Sista in 2010. I have recently completed my first novel Beautiful Scars and hope to write many more. I truly believe anything is possible in life with not only God but with hard work, patience and perseverance. I write not to be rich and famous but hopefully to inspire and motivate others.

 Beautiful Scars by D. L. Johnson is a lovely book that kept my interest and emotions engaged throughout the entire story. I am sure that I am not the only one who wanted to choke out Chantelles’s supposed best friend Shaun. With all of the drama that Chantelle had to put up with, you would think that her best friend would support her. Instead, Shaun was all about herself. This story will show you how strong a person’s spirit really is and the circumstances that change a person’s life forever.
D. L. Johnson wrote this story in the vernacular of the area and with a passion that draws the reader in. The characters have so much depth that I felt like I would recognize them should they ever walked down the street. I did find myself aggravated at the main character a few times with how immature she would act or how she would blindly follow Shaun. This is, however, what also kept the story interesting. I give this story a solid 4 stars and the hope that I will be seeing more from this author in the future.

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