Review-The Researchers Series (Werewolf Paranormal Romance) Box Set by Sarah Cameron

 The Bavarian Alpha 

Catherine "Cate" Davis is a animal researcher that goes to study the wolf population in the UK. There she stumbles into a whole pack of wolves that seem to have no tail. She thinks the reason is a congenital vertebral anomaly, but the sheer number of wolves she finds with the same 'affliction' leaves her intrigued. 

She takes her team of two (her partner, Samuel "Sam" Martin, and her assistant, Lisa James) and they go on-field, noticing that the wolves stay hidden behind bushes and that their eyes glow. They seem more intelligent than other wolves she had studied, and not at all concerned with their Land Rover or their presence. 

Together, they discover an old castle with the surrounding area filled with homes. There they find a tribe of sorts, with people wearing pelts on their shoulders and moving with predatory efficiency. They learn that these people are werewolves, able to turn into wolves at will and once a month turning into a hybrid form, when they are able to procreate with their mates. Werewolves who do not find their mate cannot have offspring. 

King Vereticus has a habit of killing or turning every newcomer, in order to prevent the discovery of their pack from the outside world. Upon the arrival of the three, however, Gwenn, his daughter, "claims" Sam as her mate, which makes Vereticus decide to turn all three. 

20,000 word Novella 

The Triumph of Samuel 

The full moon was bright on the dark sky, its presence an ominous warning. There was no cloud to hide its brilliance, to lessen the impact on its faithful servants. For the creatures of the moon had been subjected to its influence for centuries. Wales was not the only place where a community of people that once a month were more animal than human existed, but it was the only place where such a community had maintained the lifestyle of the Middle Ages. Their leader, King Vereticus, was the first of them to receive the curse – as some viewed it – or the blessing of being a werewolf. As punishment he had been turned by St. Patrick into a creature that could turn into a wolf by choice, and once a month into a monster with no control over the shift unless finding a mate. For centuries he had increased his pack by turning those who discovered the castle into fellow werewolves, teaching them the ways of the Welsh Pack, and welcoming them into a thriving community of people who were both human and wolf, and who once a month turned into hybrids of great physical strength and superior instincts... 

Love by Design 

"Lisa realized at that moment that she burned to be his. She already felt his, even though it sounded insane. She felt owned by his kiss, by his touch. The way he held her felt territorial – not at all the way an unattached male would hold her if she flung herself at him, and his passionate lips on hers confirmed that they had strong chemistry burning like hot coals. 

Her friends' theories about her sensitivity to others' feelings came to mind and she wondered if part of what she was feeling came from Karl. She had no idea, but it didn't matter. As long as it felt as intense, as real, she couldn't give it up. 

Hi, I'm an author from Melbourne Australia and I enjoy writing all things romance... My current focus is Werewolf Paranormal Romance :) 

 This box set is a great lighter read. I enjoyed it, as I love paranormal books. This was an interesting take on the werewolf tale. It is a quick read, but worth getting.  In these tales, three animal researchers, Cate, Sam, and Lisa, find themselves studying a wolf that seems intelligent and also has something different about it. It has no tail, and they soon find that none of the wolves they see have them. Little did they know that their worlds were about to be turned upside down. Cate and Sam have worked together for a while. They have brought on a new researcher named Lisa, since their previous partner, Bones, decided to quit going out because he had gotten married. They follow the wolves back toward the woods and then they realize they are turning into humans. The werewolves have leaders over areas, and they all rule differently. The first group sticks to more middle ages type living. They have a king, and he rules strictly. His daughter is taken with Sam. She misinterprets Cate's feelings and this causes trouble. When Sam tried to protect Cate, she suddenly disappears. She ends up with another group. For the wolves, there is one mate for each of them, but they usually never find them. If they do, they will change a human to a werewolf. Each of the researchers finds their lives altered forever after their encounters. Can they learn to accept what is happening? Or will the wolves have to kill them to protect their people? Lisa learns the most about who she is, and maybe able to help more than she ever expected. This series keeps you turning the page so you can find out what is going to happen to each of them. If you love these kinds of stories, grab this set. It is a fun read.

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