Review-Trust by Terry Towers

When I close my eyes and manage to block out the horrors going on around me and ignore the aches and pain in virtually every inch of my body, I can still hear the cheers of the audience as I'm lifted into the air by my teammates. For those few brief moments as I remember toppling from the top of the pyramid I feel like I'm flying, I'm free and nothing can hurt me.

But, I was wrong...

How long would it take before they stopped missing me; stopped looking; before I was forgotten about completely? A month? Six months? A year? I'm no longer a person. I'm a commodity.

I have a plan, years in the making. It's perfect - foolproof. All I need is to keep myself focused on the big picture - my ultimate goal. But then she arrived...

She tests my patience and my will. She angers and frustrates me, making the darkness within scream to be released. I want to ignore her, but I can't. I need to let her go, but can't seem to allow her to be sent away.
She's going to ruin everything... 

 Terry Towers is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, with her books translated into six languages. The Moan for Uncle Series, The Sibling Rivalry Series, The Girl From The Coffee Shop series and over a dozen other titles have all graced the erotica and romance bestsellers charts.
When I write my books I want them to be hot enough to get my readers juices flowing, but at the same time have enough of a plot that my readers identify with the characters. I strive to make the readers of my books want, need and crave the characters to hook up.

I hope you have as much fun reading the hot, kinky and sometimes raunchy activities of the heroes & heroines within my books as much as I enjoyed writing them for you.
Hot erotic wishes to you my loyal readers, Terry 

This is the first book by Terry Towers that I have read. The only thing I knew was that this was a dark romance. I was intrigued, this is a genre I have come to like. I was not prepared for how great this book was! I loved the black and white of life becoming a whole lot of grey. The fact that none of us know how we would react if our own lives were flipped upside down in a nano second. This book makes you constantly think about some hard questions. It does not let up for a second, and that is what makes this such a great read. Of course, books like this are not for everyone. Its subject matter can be too much for some, but I loved it.

When the story opens, Gwen is at the top of her high school fame, captain of the cheerleaders, dating the top jock, looking forward to going to Stanford in the fall. She is saving herself for after graduation, but she is thinking it is more because she is not in love. Its late, but she decides to walk home from her boyfriends house. In a flash, the life she knew is over. Abducted from the road, she is thrown into a world she has studied, but never imagined she would enter. No longer Gwen, her new name is slave 342. She has awoken to a hell she is not prepared for. Being "trained" to be sold into the slave world, her cell is just the beginning of her fear. She doesn't know if she is going to be killed out right for something like the Asian girl, or be raped repeatedly in the name of training. When she survives her first introduction to the Boss, although not without marks, she really gets how bad it can be. When the Boss's son, Lance, takes on her training, she thinks she may be losing it, seeing as how she is drawn to him.

Lance grew up thinking his father loved him. He thought his dad loved his mom as well. When that turned out to not be the truth, he decided to fix that situation. Slowly getting more and more involved in the business, he started making plans. Little did he know that a beautiful blonde was going to turn his world on its head.

Has everything good in him been killed by what he has had to do? Can Gwen survive being sold? How about all the other girls being held? What could you do to survive? Can anything good come from such evil places? Will either of them ever be free again? What will Gwen do to help all of those girls? Could a good person kill another human being? How in the world can anyone this evil have any good left?

There are so many great questions that come up in this book and they are all answered. This book is an incredible look at things we don't want to look to closely at and it does not disappoint in exploring all of it. This is one of the best dark romances I have read, and I look forward to reading more from this wonderful author. If you like your books on the dark side, grab this one. You won't be disappointed.

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