Review-For The Love Of Caden by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

For the Love of Caden  (Assassin/Shifter, #6) Book Title – For The Love Of Caden
Author – Sandrine Gasq-Dion
Publisher - Diasq
Genre – Romance, M/M


Caden Fournier has everything: Money, fame and an international business that's skyrocketing. But the one thing he really wants, money can't buy: Love. When fate puts him in the path of a speeding semi, Caden meets handsome paramedic Kellan Brady.
Kellan Brady has been waiting for his mate for as long as he can remember. Always wanting the fairy tale of true love, he ends up instead with an injured and angry Frenchman pinned in his BMW.
If they can get past their rocky start, can the two men build a relationship when both are hiding a secret?
Warning: Men making love and plenty of curse words.
Sneak Peek at book Seven follows...

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Sandrine Gasq-Dion
I have been blessed in this life to not only have parents that support me, but kids that do as well. I grew up in a loving but "Old School" French household. My parents worked for the airlines (TWA) so I was able to see a lot of Europe as a kid. I moved to Seattle Washington at the age of 22 and stayed there for twelve years before moving to Alaska for a little over two. Fairbanks, AK was one hell of an experience and I wouldn't hesitate to go back! I spent a little over a year in South Carolina before moving back to Arizona. I then left for Kansas for five years and now reside in the South for another two years. I've been married to the military in one way or another for over half my life and wouldn't change a thing about it. Writing has become my fulltime job and I've never been so happy doing a job I love and being able to do it in my jammies. I plan on writing until I dry up and die. Hopefully, that won't happen soon!

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I loved this book, especially the differences in this story from the ones before. We met Caden in the last book. He was instrumental in the previous story, and little did we know, he is a part of this family too.

Caden is a self made billionaire with a big secret. He has moved from Las Vegas to Seattle in hopes of meeting someone. He did not have luck in sin city, so he thinks a fresh start might be the ticket. He was disowned for being gay, but his father's cheating killed his mother. He cannot forgive his father. Caden is from France.

Kellen is a part of one of the packs that merged with Denali and Queets. His packmates, Scott and Jude, live with him and work at the hospital as EMT's. Their Alpha is Dr. Alexander Romasko.

While working on Friday the 13th, Kellen is sent to a call on the bridge, where there ia a multi car pile up. It is there, when working on a man trapped in his car, that he finds his mate. Caden is rude and abrasive, but Kellen watches over him. When he wakes up next to Cadens bed, a woman is there, and Kellen thinks Caden is straight. When they run into each other again later, the sparks fly. They are together after that. One day, Carson strolls into Cadens office and shows him a tape. Caden learns some amazing things, but Carson threatens him unless he dumps Kallen and never contacts him again. Fearing for his love, he leaves. It nearly destroys Kallen. Grayson gets involved and a plan is devised. With all of the packs together, they set the trap. When tragedy strikes, Caden's secret may ruin everything. Is Caden strong enough? Or will he die? What will happen to Kellan? Can the Alpha of the created ones and his line make any difference? There are other plots beginning in the background, and they all work to make this book like a part of your favorite TV show. I love the depth of these books and how each new book is even better than the last, and the stories stay fresh.

Heidi Reviewed

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