Review-The Corner Office by Anand Rao

The Corner Office Book Title – The Corner Office
Author – Anand Rao
Publisher – Anando Rao
ISBN/ASIN - 9781500136208
Genre –

It’s always good to know who is running the show!
Kevin, The CEO of a fast growing Technology company waited in The Corner Office, admiring the magnificent views and contemplating what lay ahead. His Chief Technology Officer had alerted him to a seemingly unsolvable problem that plagued their most profitable software application and was on his way over to discuss the situation. If not resolved soon enough, this issue could dampen company’s bright future and affect the livelihood of thousands of its employees. As always, Kevin assembled his best people and left no stone un-turned to figure out a solution. This time around though, something was different. Despite their efforts, things went from bad to worse. What were they up against? Could they pull through? Was Kevin the man for the job this time around and who was really in charge?

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Anand  Rao  
An Indian author based in Seattle who enjoys the life of adventure and travel, and a burgeoning corporate career. His personal and professional endeavors have connected him to people across the world providing a unique perspective on their aspirations and interactions. Interested in communicating ideas and narrating stories, he published his first book 'The Corner Office' in July 2014. The book examines the interaction of executives in a fast growing technology company confronted with a never seen before crisis. Author draws upon his corporate experience working with top executives but adds flavor and philosophy to the story. He aspires to continue writing stories that examine human behavior and potential.

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I am not sure what I think about The Corner Office by Anand Rao. It is not the type of story that I usually read. I can say that I really liked the story and was surprised by the content. This book goes to show how some companies will pull together when their systems are attacked by hackers. They put in long hours and there is always the chance the attack originated from the inside.
I loved the twist at the end of the book. I think I have it figured out on who was behind the attack, but since the book does not say, I can only guess. Now I will have to wait to see if there is a sequel to this book…lol.
I give this book 4 stars**** and tell the author thank you for being different. I cannot think of another story that I have read that was like this one. That makes you unique. I like that a lot.

Deborah Reviewed
4 star

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