Review-Emma’s Home by Lydia Maryann Jordan

Book Title – Emma’s Home
Author – Maryann Jordan
Publisher -
Genre – Romance
Beautiful Emma Dodd has always taken care of everyone. She raised her niece when they were orphaned and she cares for the students that she counsels. Deciding to move to Fairfield where her niece now lives, she was hoping to finally find a place to call home.
Jake Campbell, was gorgeous enough to catch any woman’s eye, but he had a hard time finding the right one for him. A Fairfield detective, he lives with his mother to help care for her since she was diagnosed with a debilitating disease.
After meeting Emma, he knows he has met the woman of his dreams. Now he just has to convince the independent Emma that it is time someone took care of her.
Join Emma and Jake, along with their tight knit group of family and friends as they find love in Fairfield.
While helping one of her students, Emma becomes suspicious of criminal activity in her new town. Will Jake be able to save Emma in time for them to build a life together?

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I have always been an avid reader. I joke that I "cut my romance teeth" on the old bodice ripper romance books. Last year I started a blog to showcase wonderful writers. In 2014, I finally gave in to the characters in my head pleading for their story to be told. Thus, Emma's Home was created.
I work as a counselor in a high school and have been involved in education for the past 30 years.
I have been married to a wonderfully patient man for 32 years and have 2 adult, very supportive daughters.
When writing, my dog or one of my cats will usually be found in my lap!
I love to hear from readers, so please email me!

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Emma gets news that family members were in an accident and she leaves college to go take care of her niece, Laurie,
they are close in age.
In the beginning of the book Emma moves to the same town that Laurie lives in, and the first night Laurie wants her friends to meet Emma so she has everyone meet at the bar to meet her and Laurie invites the single man in her group to be Emma's "date" he thinks he is being set up with an old lady much to his surprise. Emma is a school counselor and gets close to some of the students and finds grades slipping finds out there are drugs involved.
This story has quite a lot of things going on and they are all good. The next book is about Laurie and I can't wait to read it

connie Review
4 star

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