Review-Fire Storm by Mike Worley

Fire Storm Book Title – Fire Storm
Author – Mike Worley
Publisher –Mike Worley Books
ISBN/ASIN - 9780996011822
Genre –

Late one night, a resident of Santa Rosa reports that someone was banging on his front door and screaming for help. A raging fire which threatens homes and an armed robbery stretch police resources. Officers do not respond to the neighborhood until the following morning, when the resident calls again to report a horrific discovery. In the neighborhood, police find blood in several locations and what appears to be a gruesome crime scene. But there is no body and no evidence of the means of injury. When the victim's body is located a few days later, identification is hampered. Angela Masters must sort out a mound of conflicting information to determine who the victim was and to identify her killer. By the time the victim is identified, evidence points to a serial killer preying on young girls. Will Angi be able to sort out the puzzle and, even then, will it lead her to the killer before he can strike again?


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Mike Worley

Police officer, investigations commander, chief of police, university instructor, national consultant. Mike Worley brings a varied background to his development of detective mysteries. Beyond that, each of his stories contains elements of real cases. There is built-in realism even though the stories themselves are fiction.

Mike is a veteran of 34 years in law enforcement. His career spanned the ranks from patrol officer to captain in the Boise, Idaho Police Department. He served as an investigative commander in both criminal investigations and in internal affairs. He was later selected to serve as the chief of police in suburban Meridian, Idaho.

Upon his retirement from active law enforcement, Mike continued to serve the law enforcement community as an instructor and course coordinator for the Southern Police Institute. SPI is the in-service training arm of the Justice Administration Department of the University of Louisville. He also owned a national consulting practice focusing on issues regarding police policy.

He is retired and lives in Louisville, KY with his wife, Nancy. When he’s not writing, he is active with University of Louisville athletics. He serves as the official scorer for Louisville Volleyball. He was also selected by the NCAA to score the 2010 Division II and 2012 Division I women’s volleyball national championship matches. Additionally, he assists with media relations for UofL basketball and football.


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Fires Storm by Mike Worley is a fast paced novel that has investigators rushing to solve a grisly crime. The story starts with a wildfire and how a call got mishandled by 911. Body parts start appearing and the trail leads to a set of killers that have been working in several jurisdictions. There are some twists in the story that will take you by surprise.
It was difficult to always keep up the timeline as it was posted at the beginning of each chapter. I was too focused on the story itself to pay attention to the dates and times that it listed. I still don’t know if that says something good about the story or something bad about my ability to focus on the little While you knew who the killers were from early in the story, it was a mystery on how they would get caught. The chase and investigation are the main interest points to this book.

I give this 5 stars. I have found a new series to read and can’t wait to start reading them all. I like to read a book that makes it difficult to put it down. This is how I decided to one-click authors whenever they have something new come out.

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5 stars

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