REVIEW - Grandmas Need Loving Too: Nana's Biker Friend by Trinity Blacio


Book Title - Grandmas Need Loving Too: Nana's Biker Friend
Author - Trinity Blacio
Publisher - Self-Published


Twenty-five years she’d given up of her life to only have her bed empty and cold beside her. Maria Tahoe, grandma, divorcee and going through menopause from hell. All she wanted was to spend time with her grand-babies and live a quiet life, but it seemed fate had different plans for her.

A second chance to start all over, but of course there had to be danger with said chance. Could Maria stay alive long enough to fulfill her true destiny with this man, Alexander Winslow or was it wishful dreams wanting love for this Grandma?



Trinity Blacio has been writing now professionally for ten years. Currently she has available titles from Freya’s Bower, Ravenous Romance, and Riverdale Anenue Books with more to come. She is always excited to be writing, hearing from readers, and helping fellow authors.

One of Trinity’s strongest beliefs is that no matter how small or big an author is, they should always help each other in the profession. With this idea in mind she has created a place where authors, editors, publishers, and anyone in the publishing business can come together to help each other.

She lives in Wellington, Ohio and shares with her two children, Cheyenne and Rudy, two cats Smokey and Missy. When Trinity has time you can find her reading all sorts of romance novels. But as you have figured out her favorite are Dark Fantasy, Erotic, Menage, Erotic Horror.

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I loved this book!! Being a grandma made this book even more enjoyable to me. A fifty year old gal with 2 kids, 1 grandchild, 1 dear friend dying of cancer and then throw in an ass of an x husband and you have book with humor , excitement and some sadness. As soon as I opened the book and read page 1 I was hooked and couldn't put it down until I finished it. I was so sad that it ended.

Maria is the lead character in this story. She isn't ready to be one of those grandma's that just knit and sit home. She still wants adventure and love, real love since her first marriage was not all that wonderful. Then she catches a biker's eye named Alexander. I fell in love with Alexander. He has humor, love, jealousy and of course a motorcycle. All he did was walk up to Maria and gave her an orgasm without touching her! I want this guy! He sounds like a dream even though he is not human per say. The relationship between Maria and Alexander is not a typical one. But with Maria being indepndent and Alexander wanting to take care of her made me laugh. I love when I can laugh and cry and get angry all in one book. Not to mention some great sexual scenes!!

I wanted more info on Radar and Sandy. I would love to see if there is something between these two.

This book is great. I haven't read one like this one. It's different from most books that have "older" gals in it. Maria didn't act her age and still had spunk and she is a very strong woman who knows what she wants and Alexander is one of those things!! Can't wait to read more from this author!!!


Barb gives Grandmas Need Loving Too: Nana's Biker Friend

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  1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it I had fun writing it.