Review-Let Me Love You by Amy Davies

Let Me Love You Book Title – Let Me Love You
Author – Amy Davies
Publisher – Amy Davies
Genre –

After starting a new job Natalia Slone also known as Tally has to deal with life, love and a new career. After meeting Hollywood's hottest TV star James Wilde, her life shifts and Tally is forced to deal with past events before she can move on with her life.

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Amy Davies
Mum of 3 amazing kids Jackson, Max and Isabelle. Married my best friend and soul mate Darryl.
I am an avid book reader. I love photography, reading and music.
I started my 1st book a while ago but hit my writers block but after meeting some amazing people online I managed to get back into my book and finish.

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I recieved a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed the story line overall. Tally breaks away from an abusive relationship and learns how to move on from what happened and not let it define her. She lands her dream job and catches the eye of a sexy actor. However, each of them have a past that they must work through in order to make their relationship work. I enjoyed Tally and James fighting for what they want, because that is what it takes to make a relationship work. However, there were many scenes throughout the book that I wish had not felt so rushed and that the author had provided more details as to what was going on. There was also several spelling errors throughout the book. Overall, I believe that it was a good debut novel for the author.

Trista Reviewed
3 star

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