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Rode Hard Anthology Book Title – Rode Hard
Author –various
Publisher – Torquere Press
ISBN/ASIN – 9781610407816
Genre –

It's time to ride hard for cattle country! In "Where the Men are Men" by Julia Talbot, Skeet's not the brightest guy around, but he still manages to surprise Donnie. In "Sage and Sand" by Yolande Kleinn, when Bram Caldwell's stage route is attacked by bandits, his only hope lies with vigilante Marshall Maddox. In "Devilry Done" by Missouri Dalton, Luke's out to get Ambrose back, but he might just get himself killed in the process. Birch is a champion bull rider who wants to try some of his moves out with bull fighter Lucas in "Eight Seconds" by Nicole McCormick.
In BA Tortuga's "Hoping for a Good Break," Colby left his man, Alan, with harsh words that are made unbearable by the misfortune of a riding mishap. "Asher, James, Glenn, and Gregg" by Penn E. Loaffer introduces us to four SoCal friends: a transplanted Colorado cowboy, two San Diego natives, and a Brit who proves that not all English are "proper." In "Showstring" by Jon Keys, two men with wildly different backgrounds meet at the state fair, but is Jayden's baggage going to spoil everything? In "Come Undone" by Mychael Black, Bryce Caldwell's first impression of Ricky Clements is a whirlwind in black.


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Rode Hard is a collection of stories by various authors. The stories all deal with hot cowboys that are into each other. If you do not like m/m books, this is not the book for you. I found the stories to be tastefully done and was not put out in any way reading this collection.
Each story either had me smiling or laughing out loud. Be prepared to get strange looks if you read this book in a public place. It is hard to hold the emotions in with the creativity of these authors.
I give this book 4 stars and congratulations on a job well done. I was thoroughly entertained for the time it took me to read these stories.

Deborah Reviewed

4 star

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