REVIEW - Going Under by Kade Boehme


Book Title - Going Under
Author - Kade Boehme
Publisher - Self Published

Ex Coast Guardian Kyle Bevins is a joker, a friend, and unlucky in love. His friends know he’s a good guy to turn to if for nothing other than a much needed laugh, but he rarely heeds his own advice. He’s content as the new co-owner of his friend’s charter fishing company in Pensacola Beach, Florida, but he’s missing the companionship of having a significant other and tired of the old hookups.

Eddy Jiminez is unlucky, period. He’s been dealt most every negative consequence of being gay. He’s also an ex-con, so he figured he’d play it safe, keep working hard and trying to forget that it was men he craved. But when he meets Kyle, he can’t stop going back for more, but tired of the lies and hurting, he doesn't want to give Kyle up.

Kyle would do anything to keep Eddy from drowning again, so he decides to see him safely into the big world of being Out but a past connection may ruin everything. Will there be a second chance for both of them, or will their relationship go under?



Kade Boehme is a southern boy without the charm, but all the sass. Currently residing in New York City, he lives off of ramen noodles and too much booze.

He is the epitomy of dorkdom, only watching TV when Rachel Maddow or one of his sports teams is on. (That'd be Orioles, Seahwaks, Ravens, or Gators.) Most of his free time is spent dancing, arguing politics or with his nose in a book. He is also a hardcore Britney Spears fangirl and has an addiction to glitter.

It was after writing a short story about boys who loved each other for a less than reputable adult website that he found his true calling, and hopefully a bit more class.

He hopes to write about all the romance that he personally finds himself allergic to but that others can fall in love with. He maintains that life is real and the stories should be, as well.



I loved this book! As a sequel to Keep Swimming, this book was everything and more. This book focuses on Heath's partner, Kyle. One thing I love about Kade Boehme's books is that the characters are so multifaceted. They are imperfect, each with their unique flaws that make them so relatable. And his story lines just grip me by the heart and tear me open. Just when you think you know where it is going, bam! He hits you with a sucker punch that guts you. The book hangover alone is epic. Every emotion possible flowed through me, and I found myself worrying for the characters.

Kyle is in his late 20's, partner with Heath in the boat excursion business and business is good. The one big issue in his life has been his choices in dating. He seems to keep dating guys who are so far in their closets that they cannot see daylight. Every time he lets himself fall for these men, he is destroyed by their inability to be open about the relationship. He feels like he does not matter enough for these men to be seen in public with him. It makes him feel like he is not worthy of being loved.

Eddy has had a very tough life. To hide the fact that he is gay, as a teen he bullied other kids to keep the focus off of himself. When someone plants a gay porn magazine in his locker in high school, his life began its decent into hell. Getting outed like that drove his father to beat the ever living stuffing out of him and darn near cost him his sight in one eye. His family blamed him being gay for ever ill that befell them. If he could just stop being gay, their lives would be better. When he overheard a father berating his son, it triggered his anger and he beat the father so badly, he ended up in prison. Throughout his life, he has tried to deny that he was a gay man, even so far as dating women to prove he could. 

Kyle is hanging out at his local gay sports bar near his home. He sees a handsome, shy looking man with tattoos and begins using bad pick up lines on the guy. Eddy is a smart ass to Kyle, and they hit it off. Eddy doesn't want to be attracted to him, but Kyle is hitting all his senses and they go to Kyle's apartment. After a hot and heavy session, Eddy freaks and leaves. He doesn't want to be attracted to Kyle. He has had being gay is bad beaten in to him for so long that he fears his own truth. After avoiding Kyle, they cross paths at another bar and Eddy hurts Kyle deeply. But some attractions are so deep they can not be ignored. Kyle struggles with Eddy's closeted behavior. When Eddy meets an ex of Kyle's, his eyes are opened. He starts to realize that life is too short and Kyle is too important to hide. But life is a cruel master and when a terrible truth is brought to life, their love just might not survive the turn of events.

This story is so amazing. Everything I have read of this author has been beyond incredible. Kade is such a brilliant story teller, I am in awe. If you love gut wrenching tales of love and loss, grab this book. I am constantly in awe of this author's books. It is such an experience to read his books. Few authors possess the talent that Kade Boehme has. He is definitely one of my all time favorite authors. Pick up this or any book written by him and you will be in heaven. Don't forget the tissues, you will need them!"


Heidi gives Going Under

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