REVIEW - The Jarrod Bancroft Series - by Lizzie Ashworth

The Jarrod Bancroft Series
 Lizzie Ashworth
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series Synopsis:
With everything she cared about gone, Dominatrix Macie Fitzgerald has built a new life in service to those seeking pain and submission. She takes pride in her success. When she accepts Jarrod Bancroft’s application to her next training session, she knows he poses a risk to her fragile emotionless world.
Macie fears are confirmed when she discovers that the ten years since he was her high school history student have only made him more magnificent in every way. How long can she resist him? What devastation awaits her if she can’t?
Life has been too easy for Jarrod Bancroft—rich parents, football star, law degree, high powered job, women by the score. Something is missing. He wants whatever Stonybrook Academy can dish out, much as it scares the hell out of him.
Tied to the bed, his body violated in every way, he faces his first night realizing he was right to be afraid. He never imagined this torture and deprivation. And this woman, his sadistic mistress—the voice behind her mask sounds familiar.
Macie faces her biggest challenge as she struggles to fulfill her professional obligation to give Jarrod what he wants, what he needs. But Jarrod soon discovers that Macie is what he wants. What she doesn’t give, he takes—a risky venture when you’re a sub. Defenseless against his potent charm, Macie breaks every rule she’s made for herself. Heartbreak soon follows.
To complicate matters, a legal hammer hangs over Jarrod’s head at Bancroft Investments threatening to ruin his professional future. Sucked into his father’s illegal business mess, Jarrod’s life takes an unexpected and life-threatening turn. Powerless as a nightmare unfolds around him, Jarrod dreams of his queen, the only woman he wants. But there’s nothing Macie can do for him now.
Told in three parts, the story of Jarrod Bancroft weaves a web of denial and fear, dark family secrets, and wealth at any cost. The lash of a whip is nothing compared to pain like this. When pain feels like love, how does love feel?
Along with romance, love, and erotic pleasures of a more traditional nature, this work includes scenes of sadism, masochism, and sex acts involving multiple and same-sex partners. For mature readers only.

Jarrod Bancroft by Lizzie Ashworth was a good read that gives us the story about a man trying to find himself. He is not doing it through high adrenaline activities; he is doing it through sexual enlightenment. He is not sure at first if this is the way he wants to go, but he cannot deny the feelings that he discovers through his training. 

Jarrod has always felt unloved and in joining this academy, he finds that he can be worthy and wanted. He also finds a woman that he never thought he see again. 

Deborah gives this book 4 out of 5 stars. I cannot wait to see how the rest of the series plays out as Jarrod has caught my attention and I want to know what happens to him. 

Jarrod Bancroft Book 2 by Lizzie Ashworth was a shock to my system. I figured that they would end up getting together, but I did not see the conflicting emotions coming. Macie is so confused by what she feels; she pretty much starts to sabotage her relationship with Jarrod. I think I really hated Macie in this book. She almost seems to take greater pleasure in denying Jarrod than actually caring about his needs.

Deborah gives this book 4 stars. It was highly entertaining and the ending left me speechless. I can only guess how any of us would react when everything we thought we wanted was taken away.

Jarrod Bancroft Book 3 by Lizzie Ashworth was by far my favorite book of the series. I heart broke for Jarrod as he struggled to make it while he was locked away as a captive. The things he had to endure, some at his own instigation, will make you wonder how you would react. His escape does not immediately he is free. Macie and Chris can only stand by and try to be supportive as he struggles to come to terms with his life. 

I could not put this book down once I started on it. I had to follow the story to find out what happened to Jarrod. I loved the twist in the book because I was so caught up in the main plot, I did not really see that one coming. 

Deborah gives this book 5 stars. I hope to see more of Jarrod and Macie’s story. This couple has had their ups and downs and now they work to build a life together.

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Author Bio

Until recently, sex scenes in most books erupted behind closed doors. I hated that fade-to-black point in a story. Why has it been acceptable to describe the details of violence, hate, fear, anger, and greed, but not the up-close-and-personal descriptions of touch, desire, and love?

I feel fortunate that modern sensibilities in publishing mean sex scenes now keep the bedroom door open. For those of us interested, stories can show readers the tingle of flesh and follow through to the heavy breathing and sweaty finish. It's about damn time.

I like to show a process in my stories where discovery or acknowledgment of sexual pleasure or desire is key to character development. Just like in real life. I believe sex can be a truly transformative experience.

Reading has been a passion in my life. My bachelor's degree as well as some graduate work focused on writing. Marriage, children, and a career limited my writing time for many years, but I'm back to life on my own terms now. So look out--more sexy stories on the way!

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