REVIEW - Roadrunner by Rain Carrington


Book Title - Roadrunner
Author - Rain Carrington
Publisher - AAS Publishing

In the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, lives a man who has secrets. Levi Kape watches people at a bar nightly, writing things in his notebook and trying to blend in with the locals. His secrets keep him from getting close to anyone until Bobby Dawes comes off the road after a long haul in his 18-wheeler. After getting to know Bobby, he realizes he’d never been close to anyone. That was about to change.

Levi can’t settle down and not because he doesn’t want to, but because it could endanger his life. Bobby is a gentle, loving and strong man who doesn’t do commitment. He’s also a man that Levi wants more than anything, including his own safety.

Danger causes Levi to leave but he can’t forget the truck driver that drove into his life, changing everything. When Levi leaves, Bobby goes back onto the road, trying to forget the “Golden God” he’d fallen for, but with some help from friends with connections to dark people and places, Bobby finds his man and swears never to let him go again.

Can they save each other not only from the men who want Levi dead but from years of never seeking or finding the love they found in one another? Will the ultimate betrayal cost them the trust they need to make it work between them? Can Bobby save him, or be lost in a dark world alone…



Carrington started writing when she was just a teenager in Trinidad, Colorado but didn’t start writing M/M romance until much later. Through the years many of her gay male friends told stories of heartache and the struggle to find “the one” so she told them stories, fantasies all about them and their future cowboy, fireman, biker or policeman. When she found a writing site that encouraged her to write them down she started what was an adventure like she never had before.

Her first story, Cabin fever, about a young man searching for love and finding it wrapped in a member of a mafia family gained her readers who cheered for more. She knew then that she had found her place in the world. To make stories of love and kink that not only her readers but she could get lost in as well.

Rain now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado but has traveled most of the US. Her last road trip to San Francisco gave her characters still coming out…no pun intended…in her newer stories. Rain has severe scoliosis which makes it hard for her to do all the things she used to love but it did give her the time to write that she never had before. She fights for lgbt rights from her home as best she can now and keeps in close contact with her friends that fight on two good legs to point them where they should go. She is a fervent believer that one door never closes without another opening so there are no limits she can’t get past.

Of all the people in the world no one has encouraged and supported her like her friends, many of them writers themselves, and her family. There is never a dull moment in her home where laughter is in the air 24/7 and everyone knows to avoid the computer screen when she sits in front of it. They never know what kind of beautiful man love they may see. Rain calls it research, they call it, “there she goes again!”



I love all Rain Carrington books. The characters are so alive, so human. Their struggles in life endear them to you and you cannot help falling in love with them. This book is no different. Even though this is a new series, we get to revisit our favorite guys from the Honky Tonk series. Ethan and Hunter, Carter, Gene, Antonio Carillo, they are all in this book. It is an incredible journey of love and loss, good and bad, and the twists and turns it takes to get to the finish line. Rain's incredible vision comes to life on the pages, and I was enthralled.

Bobby Dawes is a good 'ol boy from New Mexico. He is a long haul trucker who fears relationships because he spends a lot of time on the road. Now as he is approaching 40, things do not seem to be changing for him, although he is saddened by the fact that he has missed many life events of his friends. He has a little brother who is married to the man of his dreams, a few great friends, and no lover to call his own.

Levi/ Matthew Behar was a successful author who was touring the country promoting his book and in a relationship with a man who he never saw, who had developed a taste for rent boys and spending his money. When he tries to understand his boyfriend and pick up one last hooker for him, Matthew is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thrown into WITSEC, his boyfriend bails. This leaves him stuck in no where New Mexico with an agent and nothing resembling a life.

After a long stretch on the road, Bobby heads to Honky Tonk to hang out. One night of talking to the new stranger turns his life on its head, breaking open the cage that had formed around his heart. But Hunter thinks something is amiss and starts digging. Too many unanswered questions to Levi leaves a bad taste in his mouth and he will protect his friends even from themselves. When Hunter learns the truth, Levi's world is shaken and he has to relocate. Seems Hunter's past is destroying Bobby's life. With Levi seemingly gone, Bobby finds it hard to go on. Levi has gotten through the trial, but that was just the beginning. Gone from Bobby's life, he tries to start over. But things rarely go as planned. And the guys in New Mexico cannot let their buddy down as well. More ups and downs transpire in this book, and that is no where near the end. Bobby and Matthew have to go through so much more. And their love may not survive the journey. Not to mention the hell that is roaring up on them. Even if they can find each other, nothing will prepare you for the fear and suspense that comes. None of them may survive this story.

This book takes you on such a roller coaster of a ride, you may want to take some anti-nausea meds first. Just when I thought I was near the end- wham! Not even close. This is a heart breaking story, so real in its gut wrenching tale that a happily ever after is not guaranteed. It is an incredible read that should not be missed, and I promise you won't see the end coming."


Heidi gives Roadrunner

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