Review – Birth of Fire by Wendy Owens

Book Title - Birth of Fire
Author - Wendy Owens
Publisher - Four Bean Soup Publishing

**This is the first episode of a New Adult Paranormal serial series. It’s about 26,000 words.

Tynder Crown doesn’t have a clue where her life is headed, and she’s perfectly fine with that. She bar-tends at a dive at night and wakes up with a hangover in the mornings, until the murder of the only person she cares for triggers a transformation she can’t stop.

Who killed Tynder’s grandfather? What kind of strange world was he tied up in? And why did he try so hard to keep it a secret from her?

Tynder has a choice now. She can walk away from her grandfather’s mysterious world and let his killer go free, or try to fill the position that was left vacant by his tragic death—private investigator to the magic realm.

And if she wants justice for the man who raised her, Tynder has to convince the powerful Fae Queen she’s all in on her new life.

Birth of Fire is a serial episode of the Tynder Crown series, a new adult paranormal mystery thriller so exciting you won’t be able to put it down and will head running for the next installment. There are six episodes total. Due to language and sexual situations this entire series is recommended for 18+



Wendy Owens is a writer, born in the small college town, Oxford Ohio. After attending Miami University, Wendy went onto a career in the visual arts. After several years of creating and selling her own artwork she gave her first love, writing, a try. It’s become a passion ever since. Wendy now happily spends her days writing the stories her characters guide her to tell, admitting even she doesn’t always know where that might lead. Her first series, The Guardians, is a YA fantasy series about angel and human hybrids.

Since then she has branched into NA Contemporary Romance and released titles to include Stubborn Love, Only In Dreams, and Do Anything. Her next romance, The Luckiest is scheduled to be released in July 2014.

When she’s not writing, this dog lover can be found spending time with her tech geek husband, their three amazing kids, and two pups. She loves to cook and is a film fanatic.

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This serial has really drawn me in. It is a very interesting take on the paranormal. It is a quick read, which I will need to keep up with, but it seems so worth it. I love a fresh take on things. This author has done a great job of creating characters that are enduring.

Tynder Crown is a feisty young bartender living in a tint apartment. She was raised by her grandfather Joe, but she didn't know what or who he really was. After a night of drinking, she wakes with a hangover. Ignoring her phone ringing constantly because Joe was calling, she heads to the tub. While in there, something bizarre starts happening, and her world is turned upside down. Finding out that she is actually a Phoenix, and now a Royal Magistrate, completely blows her mind. With the sight, she can now see the Fae. Humans cannot see them. Her heart is focused on finding her grandfather's killer, but pressing matters have that task on hold for a bit. With the help of her Crimlock, Piper, and Gideon Nash, the enforcer, she is slowly learning about a whole new world and her place as a problem solver. Can she adapt to her new world? With an ominous warning about who to trust, she begins the journey into her new life, and with her first task, she dives in, rubbing quite a few the wrong way.

This is a wonderful beginning to a new serial, and I for one am looking forward to seeing where it leads to. If you love a good mystery with fascinating characters, grab this book and join the ride. It is a heck of a story!



Heidi gives Birth of Fire

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