REVIEW – Mate Wooing 1. The Werewolf’s Roomie by Anya Byrne

Book Title - Mate Wooing 1. The Werewolf's Roomie
Author -
Anya Byrne  

Stars - 4
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Everyone knows taking a roommate is a lottery. For Corey Ferguson, it’s been way more. Corey’s had to live for months with the hottest, most amazing guy he’s ever met. And while eye candy is always nice, his roommate Sebastian is also ridiculously straight, and there’s only so much unrequited affection Corey’s poor heart can withstand.

In a bid to put his doomed feelings behind him, Corey agrees to go on a blind date with another man. And that’s when things start getting really strange.

Unbeknownst to Corey, Sebastian is a werewolf. Since moving in he’s been trying to woo Corey, but with no visible results. Who knew humans had such complicated mating rituals? It’s so much easier for werewolves, but humans always have to do things in a long-winded manner, and half the time, Sebastian doesn’t even know which way is up.

He makes tentative plans to confess his feelings, when suddenly his mate is snatched from him by some stranger. No, this cannot be. He refuses to allow it. No one gets in the way of a werewolf and his mate.

But between his rival, his secret, and his inability to figure out a way to Corey’s heart, can Sebastian succeed in claiming his mate, or will Corey always remain just the werewolf’s roomie?


This is a very good book. I loved the premise of the story, and it is definitely a sexy read. The length is perfect for an afternoon of hot werewolf steaminess. Corey is living with the hottest guy he has ever seen. Being gay, he feels tortured by the strong and sexy Sebastian. Corey believes that Sebastian is as straight as they come. He has seen a woman just jump up on Sebastian and kiss him. The second problem is that Corey is a nerd, whereas Sebastian is all Jock. He also throws rowdy parties, breaking things and trashing the apartment. When he gets to the point where he thinks he is going to lose his mind over Sebastian, he visits with his friend, Marcy, who sets him up with her neighbor Ross. Little does Corey know that Sebastian has no idea how to woo a human. His pack has been trying to help, but as they are in the same boat, they are no help.When Sebastian hears of the date, his instincts kick in to high gear and subtlety goes out the window. Their bond cannot be denied. Ross, being a great guy, backs off for Sebastian, but then the story takes some fascinating turns. Will Corey be able to accept who Sebastian really is? What happens to Ross? Can Sebastian and Corey come together and be a couple? Or are they too different? What about Sebastian's family? Could they accept a human and the fact he is a man? What will the future hold? Grab this book if you love twists and sexy werewolves. This is a very hot read, perfect for a cool night.


Heidi gives Mate Wooing 1. The Werewolf's Roomie

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