REVIEW – Last of the Bad Boys by Nora Flite

Book Title - Last of the Bad Boys

Author - Nora Flite

Stars - 5


From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Nora Flite:

All I've ever been good at is fighting and fucking.
Pure violence and wet sex. For years, it's been my life. If you think I'd get bored, you'd be very wrong. I'll never get enough.
Nothing can sate the ache that wants to bend any and every woman over, just to see how she tastes. I'm a man who aims to please, but no one holds my attention.
No one but Zoe.
My cock throbs at the very IDEA of her... I want to suffocate with my tongue inside her thighs.
When my phone rang, I didn't expect her pretty voice to beg me for help.
She thought I'd save her and that'd be it. Oh, how wrong she was.
I'm hooked on this girl—I want her more than fucking water or air.
I wasn't her first.
But I planned to be her last.

Author's Note-- Stand alone story. Contains explicit, erotic scenes and themes of violence/mature situations.



I have been a huge fan of Nora Flite's work. This book did not disappoint! It is a fabulous story that grabs you right from the get go. There is something incredible about her characters. You never know where she is going to take them, and they are so imperfectly perfect. It is impossible not to care about them. And her story lines are always fresh. She always puts a cool spin on a story line you think you know. Her creativity keeps drawing me in, and this one is great.

Huxton is an escort. He is good at two things. Bringing a woman pleasure and fighting. He has been a bodyguard, a fighter, and a paid escort who brings in the big bucks because he knows how to make a woman scream. He makes no excuses for who he is, and has no plans to change.
Eliza is an old friend of Huxton's. He had been her bodyguard when she was an escort. She never slept with Huck, so when she called in a favor, Huck did it.
Zoe is Eliza's roommate. She saw an ad and needed a place, so they are friends, but they do not know everything about each other. From the outside, Zoe seems like a quiet girl who works at a diner.
When Eliza sets up to have Huxton come fill in as a birthday stripper because the one she had hired had flaked on her, He comes. It is for Zoe's birthday party. Eliza set up his costume, completely misreading Zoe. During a private dance in a back bedroom, Zoe gets a look at Huck's tattoos, and she is on fire. She always goes for the bad boys, and that is what has her whole world all screwed up. Huck is drawn to her and he wants her bad. When an interruption occurs, Zoe flees, but not until Huck gives her his card. But her life is a big mess. Feeling responsible for a tragic turn of events, she let her boyfriend get her indebted to a bad guy. She has to have a fighter at his command to pay a debt she thinks is her fault. But she does not know or have the whole story. When her ex bails as the fighter, she has to think fast and she calls on Huck. When he gets involved in her world, everything goes sideways. Can someone she doesn't know help her before the slimy bad guy gets what he wants? Are they strong enough to face what is coming? Could Huck's past finally ruin his chance at a future? Will he still want to be involved if he knows the real Zoe? If you want to know, grab yourself a copy of this book! Bad boys never looked sexier!


Heidi gives Last of the Bad Boys

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