REVIEW – Brokered Submission by Claire Thompson

Book Title - Brokered Submission

Author - Claire Thompson

Stars - 4

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Dylan steers clear of vanilla girls, preferring to find his play partners in the BDSM scene. But something about Zoë Stamos whispers to the Dom inside him. As they work together on a complex multi-million dollar investment deal, it is all too easy to imagine her naked and bound, skin glistening with sweat, her hair wild about her face. He can almost hear her breathy cries as he cracks a whip behind her, letting its sharp tip flick over her skin…
When a key investor pulls out of a deal Zoë hoped would make her career, Dylan Hart offers to step in and cover the six million dollar shortfall, but his terms are like nothing she’s ever heard before. “You will spend the next forty-eight hours as my sexual slave. You will be confined to my basement dungeon, and you will be subject to my every sensual whim and erotic torture.”
Zoë, who has a secret cache of dark, edgy erotic romances in her library, never dreams she’d be offered the chance to step right into the pages of one. Fantasy is one thing, real life erotic submission is quite another! But Dylan is waiting for her answer, his self-assured arrogance and intense sexual allure nearly too much for Zoë to handle. Her heart is hammering in her chest, and it’s hard to catch her breath.
“So,” he says, “do we have a deal?”


Brokered Submission by Claire Thompson was a very good read. The only problem that I really saw with the story was that it did not show the aftercare that usually happens after a scene. The author does a good job at showing how close a Dom and sub can become in a short amount of time.

This was a short story that was entertaining and did make me smile in parts. I would recommend this book to other readers and also read more from this author. I would have to give this book 4 stars because I did not get bored while reading it.


Deborah gives Brokered Submission


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