REVIEW – Bulletproof Weeks by Taryn Elliott

Book Title - Bulletproof Weeks

Author - Taryn Elliott

Stars - 5

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Being a famous rock star for almost two decades means putting his life on display. But for the last two years Logan King has dealt with the uglier side of fame. When his stalker escalates to issuing veiled threats against the first woman he's allowed in his life, Logan locks down and shuts Izzy out. His stalker isn't just anyone—she's as famous as he is with a financial reach that makes her infinitely more treacherous.

Falling for Logan King wasn't part of Isabella Grace's plans and their spectacular public breakup didn't make it easy to move on. Whispers and pitying looks from people in her small town send her fleeing from the first place that finally feels like home. Her solace becomes her travel for work, but the niggling sense that someone is watching her follows her from city to city. When she begins to unravel the secrets that surround the man she still loves, she discovers her personal security detail and demands answers. And they all point to Logan.

Letting him back into her life comes with many more challenges–and rewards–than she could've ever dreamed. But loving a man like Logan comes at a dangerous cost. One that has a lasting effect that could echo into all their tomorrows.

This is book 2 of trilogy. In book 1 (Anything but Mine) Logan King, famous rock star and Isabella Grace, book store owner meet and have a week-long sex filled romance. When Logan's crazy stalker ex-girlfriend shows up and threatens Isabella(Izzy) Logan breaks up with her and hires her bodyguards to protect her, she is unaware of bodyguards.
Book 2 is Izzy finding out that she has personal security stalking her for her protection.She questions who hired them and why she needs to be protected? She figures out it Logan that hired them and confronts him.Their ROMANCE is on again but at what cost? Will she move on or make good on the threat? Read to find out lots of suspense, romance and surprises!!! I was given an ARC and this is my honest review !!Thank you Taryn Elliott! This review is filed with background story may feel like contains spoilers but not really.


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