REVIEW – Chance of the Heart by Kade Boehme

Book Title - Chance of the Heart

Author - Kade Boehme

Stars - 5

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The path to happiness isn't always the easiest.

Chance Becket's life was mapped out. He'd one day own the ranch he grew up on, have a family, and be the son he was raised to be, like all good boys in Small Town, U.S.A.

When his high school sweetheart calls for a break during her last semester of college, the last place Chance thought he'd end up was in his old friend Bradley's bed.

Bradley Heart blasted out of the closet before his family could name him heir apparent to his father's church. After six years away, a job layoff has him coming home to work behind the scenes. He and his father have little interaction and he's fine with it staying that way when he returns home. Going back into the closet, for any reason, is not on his list of things to do. But Chance may prove too much a temptation, especially with the simmering feelings they’ve had for one another since they were teens.

Confused over his sexuality, Chance has to decide what’s more important -- loyalty to his family and the path set forth, or the promise of happiness with not just the only man, but the only person, he's ever really wanted.

Includes a very toppy accountant, a cowboy who'd rather be in the kitchen, porn positions, some spanking, and absolutely zero religion other than worshipping... You know.

I love digging into a book by Kade Boehme. The story lines are so grab you and hang on endearing. His characters are so real, not perfect like some books. This book does not disappoint. The story ripped me raw, I was rooting for Chance from his first conversation with David. I also loved the setting. Hot cowboys? Yes, please. Even though Bradley had been away from the horses, he still had the cowboy swagger. I do believe all of Kade's books should come with a complementary box of Kleenex and a stiff drink. There is just something so raw in his books that grabs your heart and takes it through the ringer. But oh what a ride! This book is awesome on so many levels, I can't find the words.
Chance Beckett has always had his life all spelled out for him since he was 16. Marry Caity, take over the ranch from his father, have a bunch of kids, rinse and repeat. But his girlfriend is in her last semester of college, and told Chance that this is a break, he can go out, find himself, no questions. Chance has no clue, never even dreamed of cheating on her. He just didn't get why his guy friends were so into sex, it made him feel dirty when they had sex, which wasn't very often.
Bradley Heart is the son of a mega church Reverend. A position that had him fleeing to the city to get away from his uncaring father. When he came out as a gay man, his father turned cold. He was doing very well as an accountant until his firm got rid of his department. This came on the heels of his boyfriend dumping him and now calling in favors like the whole security deposit from their apartment. Looks like the worst day ever.
Chance decided to go out just to shut up his friends. He headed to Abernathy to hit the bar. He finds himself at Bar None, a gay bar he had been to before. He is totally confused with who he is sexually, when his crush of sorts from his youth finds him at the bar. Bradley was even more striking than he used to be and after a whirlwind night of the most exciting sex Chance had ever had, Chance snuck out and headed home. They don't see each other for a couple of weeks, but that changes when Bradley had to come home and go to work for his father's church.Bradley is very apprehensive about getting involved with someone so far in the closet. He had done that before and it had been horrible. Because Chance had only just realized he was gay. How long would it take him to accept that and tell others? Bradley does not want to be someones dirty secret. Things move forward despite his misgivings, but not for long when the girlfriend comes home after graduation. Chase has to deal with her, their parents, and his friends. Too bad the parents are trying to plan the rest of his life while the girlfriend wants to keep their break up secret for now. It is a mess, and Chance and Bradley get caught between a rock and a hard place. And then throw in the Reverend and the gossip of a small town.
Can the two of them find a path in this storm? Or are they at two different places in life with no middle ground? Can true love survive anything? Will Chance lose his family over the fact that he is gay? Can Bradley survive waiting as Chance tries to deal with everything? Will Bradley leave Hope Springs for a job?
So much goes on in this book and your heart breaks at the things the two cannot control. The epic love they share will warm your heart, make you ache, and break it all within the pages. Throw in the incredibly hot scenes, and this book has everything! I love a great love story and this book delivers. If you could rate it more than five stars, I so would. This is going in my read again and again pile. I cannot wait to see what this author comes out with next. The talent he has guarantees it will be amazing! One click this book now. You will not be disappointed.

Heidi gives Chance of the Heart

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