REVIEW – Club Infinity: Teaching Melissa by Vivian Fraser

Book Title - Club Infinity: Teaching Melissa

Author - Vivian Fraser

Stars - 4

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"Club Infinity is a place where anything can happen and all your deepest desires come to life. It's a place of pleasure, power, healing, and fantasy. After you're given an injection of their special truth serum, you tell the proprietor your every fantasy and preference in deep detail, and she makes it happen for you with her fleet of professional fantasy actors and actresses.
Melissa is coming to the club for one reason - she wants to be able to orgasm with a partner, something she's never been capable of doing. She doesn't know what will come out of her mouth once she's given the truth serum, but she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Will she be able to learn how to come?
This sizzling erotic short story is 6,600 words of adventurous exploration featuring a BBW who learns to reach the climaxes she deserves. It features graphic play with exhibitionism, toys, light domination and is intended for mature adults only."




This was a book that kept my interest more and more by each page I read. I love the idea of going to a place that finds out your true sexual self. Where you could say your true fantasy's without being afraid of being judged.

Melissa has never had an orgasm with her husband and wants to rectify this problem. So she goes to this place to try and find out if she can change the problem. She is willing to have a drug put into her that will allow her to tell the lady that runs this place what her real  fantasy is and when Melissa wakes up she will not remember the conversation that took place. Letting a person you do not know put a drug into you , takes a lot of trust in someone you never have met until that day. In my opinion Melissa was a little more trusting than I would have been. But she really wanted to enjoy sex with her husband and was willing to do whatever it took.

Even though I did enjoy this book, I honestly think it could have been longer but this was a quick read and I did love that Melissa would do this to better her marriage. The question is would I? Would you? Read the story and you decide if you could do what Melissa has done in this book. It made me look at myself and wonder if I stripped all the layers of myself right down to what I truly wanted, would I be able to be as brave as Melissa? I can't answer that question because I haven't been put in that position. But I do believe she came out a much stronger person and a much more satisfied woman after her experience. 


Barb gives Club Infinity: Teaching Melissa


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