REVIEW – Rufus and the Angel by Karly Maddison

Book Title - Rufus and the Angel

Author - Karly Maddison

Stars - 5

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Rufus the Christmas elf is grumpy over the festive season, because none of the Christmas angels will help him top Santa's tree this Christmas Eve. Their belligerent teasing sets his nerves on edge until one of them asks him to ice-dance on the frozen pond. Shortly after this magical dance routine a random kiss in the snow leaves Rufus hankering for the tangible affections of an angel he has secretly admired for some time--one who appears almost as impossible to capture and hold as the thistledown riding the twilight breeze. While Rufus considers his options, Santa asks him to deliver a remarkable old toy to a dying hospital patient. This toy has a special significance, clouded in mystery, and only his favorite angel Thadeus can reveal its hidden secrets. With a little bit of time travel, Rufus is taken back to a day long past and shown by Thadeus why the Christmas gift is so important, and why too, Rufus has special relevance to his favored Christmas angel.




Rufus is one of Santa's elves. For the second year he is in charge of decorating the North Poles Christmas Tree. Last year he had to put a starfish on top of the tree because the Angels won't agree to sit on top of the tree all day/night for Rufus because they just don't like him. Well one does but Rufus just doesn't realize this just yet.

Thadeus is one of the Christmas Angels and can't think of anyone else but Rufus that he would want to spend eternity with and this year he is hoping to make that dream come true. Thadeus sounds like a dream guy, well yes he is a Christmas Angel so it's no surprise that he is a 7 foot Angel with bluer than any color of blue imaginable. Platinum hair that cascaded over his shoulders like a beautiful silk and a face that would make humans wept at the sight of this angel. I could handle having this angel sitting on the tip of my Christmas tree every Christmas.

Thadeus doesn't care if Rufus isn't an angel. He fell in love with Rufus because of who he is not what he is. Always look beyond what a person looks likes so you can see the real person on the inside because that is what counts. Rufus can't believe an Angel like Thadeus can want him. How? Why? Thadeus will teach Rufus what it's like to be loved without expectations That is what love should be.

Give this book a chance, you will not regret it. I can't wait to read more from this author.


Barb gives Rufus and the Angel

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