REVIEW–Alchemy xii–New Year’s Eve by Tamsin Flowers

Book Title - Alchemy xii - New Year's Eve (The Alchemy Series - Prologue)
Author - Tamsin Flowers
Stars - 5
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No one could ever accuse Harry Lomax of being a Dom's Dom. Sometimes he even forgets to make his submissives call him "Sir". But he is the charismatic Prince of Kink at Chicago's most secretive and exclusive sex club, where he runs Alchemy xii, the club's prestigious year-long training program for would-be subs. When Harry spots Olivia Roux across a crowded floor, he's under no illusions as to what she is and what she isn't. A blond, Amazonian goddess, Olivia's no ingénue. She's a woman of the world whom he suspects might have a thing for kink, if only she realized it. One thing is for certain—Olivia is nobody's bitch. Harry knows that he wants her. For his Alchemy xii training program, that's for sure. But for himself? Harry will try anything once—and Olivia's a woman who's got his name written all over her!

This book was exciting from the first chapter and got even better the more I turned the pages. The story flowed nicely and everything was written so smoothly. The characters were fantastic to get to know and I am really excited to read more about these characters in the coming months. Harry Lomax was a DOM who every year took on four new trainees and trained them to be subs. If they lasted the year and ended up being good subs, they could either work for the club Harry worked at which was Alchemy or they could even end up being someone's personal sub. But they had to be extremely good by the end of the year. While Harry was looking for his last trainee, he went to a club that wasn't one he really liked to go too but he needed one more girl and this was the place he felt he would find that special girl. The club he went to was called Master Blasters and while he was watching scenes and looking over all the occupants of the club, he found one girl that stood out and she looked like she was very interested that was going on around her. Harry decided right then and there this girl was going to be his and his last trainee.  Olivia Roux also noticed Harry and asked around to find out about him. Harry didn't only want Olivia as a trainee but his and his alone. He was attracted to her like a bee to honey. She was a blonde and tall and got his motor running. Now to get her to agree to being a trainee and so much more. He talked to her and even ended up doing a scene with her that she ended up with whipping marks across her back. He asked her to meet him at dinner and they would talk. The more and more I read, I was so interested in Harry and his getting four new trainee's every year and I loved how he went "slumming" to find the right one. Harry, to me seemed to be a guy who demanded respect but being a DOM, that is something that they demand anyhow. Harry knows how to wine and dine a girl the correct way. He wanted Olivia so bad he could taste it.  Olivia, seemed to be a strong girl who was curious about submitting to someone but she didn't really have any clue what was involved. I think when she met Harry, she wasn't sure what was going to happen but was game to try anything once. If you are curious about the BDSM way of life, this gives you a little bit of what a DOM might do to find that perfect sub. The only thing I didn't like about this book was it left me hanging right when it was getting HOT between Harry and Olivia. I can't wait to see where the relationship goes and how HOT it can get!

Barb gives Alchemy xii - New Year's Eve (The Alchemy Series - Prologue)

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