REVIEW–Best Man by L.A. Witt

Book Title - Best Man

Author - L.A. Witt

Stars - 3

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Jon Beatty thought he had the best man in his ex, Craig. But in the six months since their break up, Craig's managed to find a new lover—a woman—and wants Jon to be a different kind of best man…at his wedding.

Reasoning that the only way to get over one man is to get under another, Jon heads for a local club to get drunk and laid. Bartender Liam Sable is more than willing to help with both.

Their one night stand turns into a rebound fling which enables Jon to move on. Craig, however, is having second thoughts about the break-up. While inconvenient and annoying, Craig’s antics are nothing compared to the danger posed to Jon and Liam's relationship by another, more sinister threat...

I might even say this is a 3 and a half star book. It is not bad, but there are things in the book that could have been done better. I liked the book overall. There is some grumbling in the reviews about too much sex, but that was just fine with me. My only big complaint was the when they get to the plot twist near the end, it is rushed through and I really felt that that could have been much more important than it was portrayed. It kind of came off almost as an afterthought. Up until that point, I was all in on the book.
Jon Beatty gets the worst kick in the teeth he could get. His boyfriend of two years decides to dump him and before he has licked his wounds, the jerk drops a bomb. Hey, I am getting married to a gal and I want you to be my best man. Nice guy. Craig then goes on to say that Jon should go out and meet someone new, but yeah, we can stay friends. Jerk. So Jon finally gets it together and goes out to an upscale bar where he meets the beautiful and sexy Liam Sable. Liam has just broken up with his boyfriend Travis a couple of weeks prior and they both are just looking to find some random hook up. After a fabulous night, they part without exchanging numbers. But Jon can't stop thinking about Liam, and after a couple of weeks, goes to find him. The reception he gets is not good and he walks out, but not before another bartender flags him down to wait. Turns out Liam actually does like him, but there is something not quite right. They work on seeing each other, but the ex's and the future wife all throw monkey wrenches into everything. The revelation from Craig has Jon reeling a bit, but Liam's ex takes the cake. This one might not be safe for anyone.
The journey these two lovable characters go on is a bit confusing and dangerous, and you have to hang on until the end to see what happens. All in all, it is a decent light read, I just wish the ending hadn't felt so last minute and rushed. I do like L.A Witt's books and will try other titles.

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