REVIEW–Brie’s Montana Dreams by Red Phoenix

Book Title - Brie's Montana Dreams

Author - Red Phoenix

Stars - 5

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Submissive in Love #4 (The Brie series continues!)

Hot scenes call to Brie Bennett as she sets out to film The Sanctuary, a secret BDSM commune nestled in the mountains of Montana. All kinds of kinky fun awaits, including the provocative Initiation Ceremony. Brie discovers many secrets during her stay, including the shocking truth Faelan hides from her friend Mary, but young Brie is in for a delicious shock of her own when the King returns to claim his prize.

This fourth novella of the Submissive in Love series will leave you quivering for more as you join in the naughty fun that is The Sanctuary.

Adult Material (18+)

Oh my! Now we are talking! This fourth novella in the Submissive in Love series (Brie's 3rd series), Red Phoenix has pulled off the gloves. This book is why I love everything Brie. This book may be a novella, but it is packed to the rafters with everything sexy. I adore Red's writing style, and this book is true Brie everything. It is also so full of the sexiest commune on the planet.
In this book, Brie has been working on her documentary. She didn't want to get going down a path that would hurt her chances of Mr. Halloway approving her film, so she meets with him. He does not give her good news about one of her favorite scenes, but he does show interest in where she is shooting next. Heading to the commune where Mary and Faelan are has her excited and a bit scared. She has two weeks, but without Sir. After getting there and seeing it is nothing like she thought, she spends time with Mary. Mary's transformation blows her mind, but all is not well. And here, she is invisible because she isn't a member. But she will be a part of something big and Sir has told her to do it. The Mary she met when she got here might not be all the truth. And Brie is about to experience something she will never see coming! This one is so much fun, you will want to read it over and over. And the commune might be more enticing than ever. I am totally hooked on this new Brie series, probably as much as I was for the first two. I can't wait to see where this story goes next!!

Heidi gives Brie's Montana Dreams

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