REVIEW–The Rhythm of Rain by C. L. Scholey

Book Title - The Rhythm of Rain

Author - C. L. Scholey

Stars - 5

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Rain can move in a slow and gentle rhythm. Rain can move with the fury of a storm. Fast and steady like a heartbeat, dancing across the street in the darkness of night. Jaron likes the sound of Rain in a fury, fiery passion. Telor aches for Rain's caress as it slides down his back, soothing his heated skin. Rain dances to her own song. True to her name, Rain is an element of mystery. It will take two lovers to ward off a flood of despair as Rain dances for her life.

This book was a different kind of story and I have to say I wasn't sure how it was going to progress but the more I read and the more the story unfolded the more this story gripped me and took me for a very emotional ride.

Rain has always danced during a storm but she really wasn't sure why. It was like something was calling to her because when it started storming,  Rain felt like the storm was calling to her. Rain had a rough childhood even though she couldn't remember much. She did see her mom get shot during a storm. When the police found Rain that horrible night, she was alone and that was the night she went to live with her grandparents.
Rain was in love with Telor. Telor had watched Rain dance ever since he was eight and she was four. Rain's dancing had gotten better over the years and her movements always look as if she was telling a story. A story only Rain knew how it ended.

There was excitement through the entire book. Rain couldn't remember her past and she figured one day, she would figure it out. But the past has a way of making you deal with it on it's own  terms and this how Rain's past came back to her.  She was at the building where she practice her dancing and a man called Jaron was there. When Rain shook his hand, it was like she knew him from somewhere but then the feeling left. Jaron and Telor play a big part in this story. Little by little you learn more about both of them and each of them have Rain's best interest at heart. Jaron has a big part in Rain's past and he came back to keep her safe while she learns about that fateful night that her mother was killed. Telor has Rain's heart but it's like something is still missing from making her whole. You find out more and more about what makes Rain, Rain. Why she dances in storms and why it seems something is missing.

I cried throughout this story because the way the author wrote this book. It was like I could feel that part that was missing from Rain. The description of how she danced in storms, I could see what she looked like dancing. I could hear the rain falling and seeing her in the middle of the storm dancing. Rain has to come to terms with something in her past and it seems to all hit her at once. This book has drama between Telor, Rain and Jaron. It's hard to be in love with two guys and she doesn't want to hurt either one. The ending made me cry even more. This is so worth reading. Can't wait to read more from this author.

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