REVIEW – The Clockwork Heart by Lilliana Rose

Book Title - The Clockwork Heart

Author - Lilliana Rose

Stars - 5

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Haunted by a past lover and left with scars so deep Libby gave up her life as an explorer, she spends her days trying to avoid bad memories by training ruthlessly with Helen, the woman she hired to teach her self-defense. Helen is beautiful, appealing, and could be what Libby needs to climb out of her past once and for all.

Until the past returns and threatens to destroy Libby, and all that she holds dear, once and for all.

One of the reasons I read this book was the cover. I loved the cover and that is what drew me into reading what the story was about. The description was just as awesome as the cover. The author and the artist both have awesome talent.

Libby had a very traumatic experience in her past and because of that she is hiding and she also is having a woman give her self defense lessons. Helen is very good at these lessons but Libby is starting to have feelings for Helen and Libby is not sure that Helen feels for her.

Libby is learning how to defend herself because of what has happen in her past. She is scared that somehow her past will find her but this time she will be ready.

I love that the main character Libby is taking charge and learning how to protect herself. She is using what happened to her, to better herself  that way she can't be taken advantage of anymore. She can fight back. I also love how Helen has feelings for Libby and Libby does for Helen but neither really recognizes that each has feelings.  You never know what to expect on the next page. I enjoyed reading this book all the way through!

Barb gives The Clockwork Heart

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