REVIEW – Homecoming by A.H. Scott

Book Title - Homecoming

Author - A.H. Scott

Stars - 5

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Desire isn't only for the young. A couple reconnects in the most unexpected way. Gravity isn't a curse. It's a physical manifestation that makes us all remember our lusty past. Skin may lose its resistance to life's hourglass. But, maturity may be the succulent revenge that youth can never override. Memories are magical. And, for that, no push up bra is ever needed.

This isn't the first story I have read by this author and just like the other ones I love this one also.  A story told in poem form and this one is such a beautiful story that I read it twice.

Two people who graduated together and after graduation both went their separate ways until one day on a busy street they almost pass each other and realize they know each other from years gone by.

In today's world, we meet plenty of people and most go on to different paths than ours and we never really see or hear from them again. I love how these two star crossed lovers found each other once again and even on a busy street. Each had their own lives but wanted one last chance to feel the past once again.

Beautifully done and the words made me feel different feelings as the story went on being told.
I am a fan of A.H. Scott and will read more from this very talented author if the chance is given to me again.

Barb gives Homecoming

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