REVIEW – Party of Three Sunday Night Dinner Club book 1 by Jess Dee

Book Title - Party of Three Sunday Night Dinner Club book 1
Author - Jess Dee
Stars - 4
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Two men, one woman and a whole menu of opportunities.

Sunday Night Dinner Club, Book 1

When Spencer Allen arranges an impromptu date with Chelsea Holden, the beautiful restaurant owner he’s lusted after for months, he discovers an unexpected obstacle in his quest for true love—his best mate.

Levi Barret’s always been reluctant to give his heart to one woman, until Chelsea catches his attention. Now he’s finding it difficult to think of anyone else.

Levi’s interest in Chelsea could spell the end of a lifelong friendship…or the beginning of a whole new relationship.

Warning: Be sure to keep a safe distance from the oven. When things heat up in this kitchen, sparks are going to fly.

** spoiler alert ** I have read this author's books before, so I was looking forward to reading this one, knowing it would be hot. This is a very quick read, but it does not skimp on heat! Jess knows how to write a steamy scene. The story is very interesting as well, it is a great combination for sure. Give this author a couple of very hot guys, throw in a sexy woman, and you will get kindle melting results, every time. If you want uninhibited passion, you came to the right book.
Chelsea Holden runs a very popular restaurant in Sydney. She is very beautiful and gifted in the kitchen. She has come home to run her dream eatery after traveling the world learning to master her love of food.
Levi Barret is a player. He is gorgeous and everyone is drawn to him and his personality makes him a hit with all. He has played the field, never sticking around for long. He loves the chase, but once he gets the girl, he is on to the next one. He is a writer, focusing on gritty detective stories.
Spencer Allen is an accountant. He has been friends with Levi for twenty years, they are best buds. He is very organized, likes structure in his day, and is not a player. He goes into relationships with a goal of longevity. He usually does not take risks, but he has found someone worth doing that for.
A group of eight friends meet up at Chelsea's restaurant on a regular basis to get together and visit. This group has been friends for quite sometime and Chelsea has come to be friends with them as well since they have been coming here for a year. Spencer has lusted for her from day one, but hadn't made a move until this time. She needed help with her taxes, and Spencer saw the opening and makes a move on Chelsea. Their chemistry is off the charts, they both feel it. But Levi is expressing feelings for Chelsea as well. The group knows how his history is, and they tell him to stay away from her. He constantly asks her to marry him, but everyone thinks he is just flirting. Chelsea has already set up a date with Spencer, but she has lusted after Levi since the beginning as well. She decides to go out with each of them, but she is going to tell them both the truth. She wants them equally and cannot chose one over the other. Unfortunately, when she is with one of them, she is thinking of the other one. Her timing stinks, but she tells the men this. Spencer goes to Levi's and confronts him. Neither of them wants to give her up, but they don't know what to do about it. Their decision will have you looking for the nearest cold to relieve the heat. Can these two come to a decision that will work for all of them? Can Chelsea pick between them or will she lose them both? This is a great read when you need a fast dose of stunning sexuality and beautiful men times two. It is a fun read, and I may just read it again and again. I would hate to have missed anything!

Heidi  gives Party of Three Sunday Night Dinner Club book 1

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