REVIEW–Kitty Versus Cougar by Giselle Renarde

Book Title - Kitty Versus Cougar

Author - Giselle Renarde

Stars - 3

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Shelby dropped out of school the minute she turned eighteen, but life didn’t go the way she thought it would. Now she’s back in class, and it’s kicking her… butt.

When Manon the sexy French supermodel offers to tutor her, Shelby lashes out verbally and then physically! Shelby sure acts tough, but can an educated older woman expose her inner pussycat?

This was a very different story than I really have read before. It started out slow and boring and then it started to pick up somewhat.

The overall concept of this story is Shelby and her dads supermodel girlfriend who offers to help Shelby with her History homework because Manon has a Master's Degree in History.  As soon as Shelby turned eighteen she quit school but when her life didn't work out right, Shelby decided to go back to school and get her diploma but the other kids in her class are younger than her and she is just having a hard time. While Shelby is trying to do her homework , Manon keeps cleaning in the same room and Shelby keeps looking at her gorgeous body and the author points out exactly what part Shelby is looking at. The very first sentence is "Stupid Manon with  her stupid long legs and supermodel cheekbones and boobs like two juicy rockets". I don't understand the boobs like two juicy rockets because I have not known rockets to be juicy.  Maybe something like two juicy watermelons or some other big fruit.

Shelby was a virgin and after Shelby and Manon confess to each other that they are attracted to one another and Manon starts doing things to Shelby. Shelby did say that it hurt because she was a virgin and was hard to enjoy it when she started bleeding because Manon "popped her cherry".  Just a lot going on during the pages of this book and some of it just didn't make any sense too me.  To me it did seem at times that Manon persuaded Shelby into doing things that Shelby just didn't seem ready to do. Yes they both are adults but being that Manon is older and more experienced than Shelby, maybe things could've happened a different way.

This is just my opinion but I didn't feel any kind of emotion while reading this book. The words didn't really provoke any kind of  feelings. I am planning on reading another book from this particular author because I always believe in second chances. Maybe it's just the way I took the story. Please read this book and make your own opinion. Just because I didn't really enjoy it doesn't mean you won't. Give it a try.

Barb gives Kitty Versus Cougar

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