REVIEW–The Healing Man by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Book Title - The Healing Man

Author - Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Stars - 5

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Dario Ramos thought he’d left the fighting behind in the war zone when a life-threatening injury sent him home. But a certain Irishman crossing his path everywhere he went convinced him that his biggest battle might be ahead. Tiernan Callahan is a bigoted jerk. Ramos finds himself constantly in the man’s orbit, even in a city as big as New York. The wounded warrior knows all about pain and loss — and that sometimes anger is the only form of release. When Tiernan once again crowds Ramos’ space, his eyes are opened to the possibility of other forms of release.

Tough NYC cop Tiernan Callahan is still mourning the death of his beloved youngest brother, Mason. Fearing his close-minded family’s reaction, the young soldier never got to tell them his secret — that he was gay and engaged to the love of his life. Tiernan is surviving on anger and guilt. When he continues to run into Dario Ramos, who continues to push his buttons, something inside him snaps. Suddenly, anger isn’t the only emotion he feels.

Two very different men, still trying to heal: Can they come to an understanding and heal each other?

The Men of Manhattan series just keeps getting better and better! Dario and Tiernan's story is so powerful, the subjects dealt with in the book are tough subjects, but Sandrine's gift for story telling keep them from being overwhelming without being disrespectful to those subjects. I am a huge fan of this author and this book is as good as any of the others she has written. These two men have a ton of really hard things to deal with and it is awe inspiring how their journey unfolds.
Tiernan Callahan is a cop with the NYPD. He had a stellar record until the death of his little brother Mason ripped his world apart. He found out, through his brother's devastated fiance, that Mason had hidden a huge part of who he was from him. He had had no idea his little brother was gay and he feels betrayed by the fact that the love of Mason's life knew Mason better than he did. After lashing out at a domestic disturbance call between two gay men, his captain decides he needs a partner to teach him respect for gays. Turns out, his new partner is the gay brother of the captain, Danny. Danny is out, loud and proud. He can handle Tiernan easily. Danny is a good cop, and he softens Tiernan's hard edges and is a great listener helping Tiernan face reality and understand the new emotions he feels. Dario Ramos was a great soldier who had lost his way for a bit after losing a part of his leg during combat. He fought back after going down the wrong path, now he works for the Wounded Warrior Project, is an AA sponsor for soldiers with PTSD. He is friends with Casper and Slater, the latter having been injured with him overseas. He thought he had a girlfriend until he came home to find her packing. Seems she only stayed with him this time because people called her a bitch for leaving Dario when he came home wounded. He and Tiernan did not have a good relationship because Tiernan and his brother Michael beat up Casper when he tried to visit Mason's grave and the mom was ugly about the situation. Tiernan and Ramos butt heads a lot, but something was changing. When Tiernan takes care of Ramos one night, Ramos begins to see a side to Tiernan that he didn't know existed. Dario had mostly only dated women, though he never put a label on himself. He was finding himself attracted to Tiernan after that night. Tiernan finally identifies why he has been so angry and who he was really angry with over his brother's death. Finally understanding this, he apologizes to Casper and clears the air there. Now he is realizing that he has feelings for Ramos and is going to act on them. His partner Danny helps him a lot, Danny is unfazed by him and often lightens the mood with his antics. Ramos and Tiernan finally approach each other and admit their feelings and this opens more issues for them as neither has ever been with a man. They have their work cut out for them. Not only their own personal demons, but Dario's friends are against them and Tiernan is very afraid about his own family. His mother won't admit Mason was gay, even though the video Casper gave the family says it, and Tiernan is worried that he will lose his brother Michael as well. All these things play out in a very emotional, but not dark, story. All of this is woven with Danny's humor. He keeps it all from being too heavy. Danny's history plays into the story as well, and I hope he might be the next one to get his book. This is a wonderful story of acceptance and forgiveness, love and loss. I keep rereading it, it is that good. And with Dannyisms like him singing to a bad guy in the squad car, "the wheels on the squad car go round and round, round and round" a book that could have been dark and depressing, isn't. It is a book that will leave you smiling. It is just a great love story that will warm your heart and leave you in awe at how amazing our wounded soldiers are and make you want to support the Wounded Warrior Project so they can assist these young men and women who have given so much of themselves for all of us.

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