REVIEW–Unexpected Eden by Rhenna Morgan

Book Title - Unexpected Eden

Author - Rhenna Morgan

Stars - 5

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Paradise, love, power…and a prophecy with a price.

Most people believe Eden no longer exists. Lexi Merrill’s about to learn they’re wrong. A hard-working bartender with a self-sufficient backbone and a wary nature, she knows pickup lines like a second language. So, when Eryx Shantos barges into her world with too-smooth words and a body to back it up, she locks up her libido and vows to keep her distance.

Eryx has other ideas. As king of the Myren race, Eryx is duty-bound to enforce the laws preventing exposure of their existence to humans. Yet The Fates have led him through his dreams to Lexi, a temptation he doesn’t want to resist. The question--is she Myren, or human, which makes her forbidden fruit?

When Eryx’s nemesis tags Lexi as his next target, Eryx insists on taking her home where he can keep her safe. Lexi had no idea “home” would mean the one-and-only land of creation…or that she’d trigger a prophecy that could doom her newfound race.

This book took me by surprise. I hadn't heard of this author before, so I didn't know what to expect. This is an incredible read, the world the author has created is incredible and fascinating. The descriptive way to the story is so colorful and in depth, you feel like you are right there in that new world. I found myself not wanting the story to end, and it appears I get my wish, the threads left undone lead to a series to come. I will most definitely be reading more of the story as soon as it becomes available. One thing that really sets this book apart from other series' is that it seems most first books in a series have to waste so much of the story setting the scene for the rest of the series. This book does it so seamlessly that there is no long boring explanation of the author's world. You pick up pieces as you go through the story, never feeling that usual drag one encounters with created worlds in books. This author nails this right out of the gate.
Lexi Merrill is a no nonsense bartender. She can take care of herself and doesn't need anyone to do it for her. When a smooth talking man waltz's into her bar, trying to pick her up, she shuts down and battens down the hatches. But this smooth as silk man is unlike any other. Eryx Shantos is actually the leader of the Myrens. They live in a dimension just outside of our Earth. They live in Eden, yes, that one. They were created by God just like earthlings, but they are like a human 2.0. They live longer, have gifts tied to the elements, can communicate telepathically with family and those they choose to bond with, and some have empathic and healing abilities. Eryx has been coming to our earth searching for Lexi. He first found her in his dreams, and he has been looking for her ever since. Ten years he has searched and he finally found her working at this bar. He knows the fates have lead him to her, but he doesn't know if she is human or Myren. If she is only human, she would be forbidden to him. Humans cannot be told of his race. It is one of their strictest laws. But if she is one of theirs, they call them the lost, she may be part of a prophecy, and they don't know if that is good or bad. Breaking through her defenses, he convinces her to trust him and follow him home. She is blown away, and falling for him. Unfortunately, she has a lot to find out, and that may or may not tear her away from him. Back on Eden, Eryx's reign may be in trouble by a rebellion that wants to take over. When they learn of Lexi, they make plans to get to her. With help from a bitter ex, they may just succeed. Eryx will move Nirana and Eden to get her back from his enemies, but will he be able to get to her in time? Will the rebellion be successful? And who else will get hurt in the process? There is so much that occurs in this story, it is like an epic journey that is just getting started. I, for one, cannot wait to see what comes next. This book grabbed me from the beginning and just wound itself deeper into my heart as the story unfolded. This is looking like it will be a wonderful series, the characters and the incredible world the book lives in are so fresh and unique. I cannot say enough good things about it. If you love romance and fantasy, you have to check this book out. It is awesome!

Heidi Ryan gives Unexpected Eden

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