REVIEW – Brie’s Russian Treat by Red Phoenix

Book Title - Brie's Russian Treat

Author - Red Phoenix

Stars - 5

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Rytsar Durov - fine vodka with a side of sadism...

Rytsar has always held a piece of Brie’s heart ever since he made her fantasy come true at The Submissive Training Center. Now her Master is taking her back to Russia to meet with his old friend. Time spent in Moscow will lead to fist fights, hot scenes, challenging requests, and an afternoon of fiery passion.

In this fifth novella of the Submissive in Love series be prepared to quiver, purr and laugh out loud as you join Brie in Moscow - a land of mystery, pain, and deliciously wicked sex.

Adult Material (18+)


Oh my gosh! This book is so utterly perfect, I was enthralled. Red Phoenix is so good at taking a story you think you know and turning things on its head. I was so blindsided by the direction this book took, I was overwhelmed by the discoveries one makes during this story. We have met and experienced Rytsar before. He was the first Dom outside of the trainers that Brie experienced at the first auction during her training. And we met him again when Brie went to Russia the first time with Sir. What transpires in this book will blow you away! This series just keeps getting better with every book.
Brie and Thane travel to Russia because Thane has business to deal with and Brie is going to do some filming for her second documentary. Last time they were here, Rytsar pulled a massive prank on Thane. They were a bit concerned about what he was going to do this time. They weren't disappointed. But something is very wrong when they arrive at his mansion. They move forward, but Thane is not going with them. He will meet up with them later. He gives restrictions to the Russian Dom, but Brie is still going to be under his skilled hands for a bit of teaching. Her trip will include a spin at a club, and lots of chills. What happens at the club had me gasping in shock! This book will grab you right from the start. There is no way you can anticipate what is coming. Red has out done herself with this incredibly sexy read. I am so addicted to this series, and you will be too. It is a fabulous book and you learn so much more about the sexy Dom. The shocker at the end will blow your mind. Buckle up, cupcake! This book will have you panting in no time!

Heidi  gives Brie's Russian Treat

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