REVIEW–Toy Box by Delphine Dryden

Book Title - Toy Box

Author - Delphine Dryden

Stars - 5

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Lauren and Rafe have been coasting along since they had kids, letting things in the bedroom match their vanilla suburban lifestyle. But they have a blistering-hot Dominant/submissive history, and this weekend, Rafe will remind Lauren of all the deviant delights awaiting her when they open up…the Toy Box.

If I could give this book more than 5 stars I sure would! I loved it because it gave me a look into a married relationship that lives the Dominant/Submissive lifestyle. I can not say enough good about this author's writing.

Lauren and Rafe had a fantastic sex life which included living the Dominant/Submissive lifestyle and it was something both needed and wanted. Now what happens when a child, a dog ( who helps pay the Vet's daughters semester in college) bills and normal everyday life changes? How do you handle trying to make time for each other and still making sure the other one knows that the feelings have gotten stronger over the years and nothing will ever change that.  Rafe and Lauren had gotten married and lived the lifestyle but when Lauren got pregnant and couldn't do some of the things that are required of a sub, they put it on hold till after the baby was born and Lauren had recouped from giving birth. But the lifestyle never came back into play for a few reasons. Having a child doesn't give you a lot of time to enjoy certain things in life. You can't quite be kneeling in front of your spouse and call him Master in front of a young child. That lifestyle  shouldn't  include children and this is exactly what happen between Rafe and Lauren. After Rafe seen Lauren give birth to their son, he looked at her differently. She was no longer his submissive but the mother of his child and he just couldn't bring himself to go back in the Master mode.  But Rafe wanted to change that and he had a surprise for Lauren and he put it into motion. He loved his wife and it's about time he reminds her that she means so much to him and his love for her is unconditional. He is making a Toy Box in the garage and Lauren is under the impression that it is for their son, who by the way does not need another toy box. Boy is she in for a surprise. 

I love this story for a few reasons and plenty more that I'm not going to list. My big one is when you get married and have children, your time as a couple goes to almost nil. Even trying to plan one night of having sex doesn't always work. Something is always more important and after awhile you both start taking each other for granted. Both Lauren and Rafe want the excitement back but neither one brings it up. Lauren has an image problem with herself. She doesn't see herself as sexy anymore and she figures Rafe might feel the same. Rafe loves everything about his wife but doesn't know exactly how to tell her how much they both need something different. To me, Rafe and Lauren are like any other couple in the lifestyle. Everything changes when you have kids. The kids take priority and then everything else life throws at you is next. At the very bottom is the sexual relationship between wife and husband isn't as important anymore. Rafe realizes this and he plans to show Lauren exactly what they are missing.

I have not read a book that takes a look at the lifestyle after marriage and kids. I imagine this is exactly how it is in most Dominant and Submissive relationships. Couples need to find time for each other but one may need to take the first step. Please read this book. You have great sex scenes as Dominant/Submissive but more than that, you have a great story of a couple that realizes life has to include fun for them once in awhile also. Great Hot Read on a cold night! Keep your spouse or significant other close by after you read this book, you will need to put your flames out some how.

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