REVIEW–When Dreams Come True by M. Stratton

Book Title - When Dreams Come True

Author - M. Stratton

Stars - 5

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What would you do if one day all of your dreams came true?

Melissa 'Lissa' Loring was a successful author. She was happy living in her home at the base of the mountains in Tucson with her assistant, Hannah Mills. First the phone call came; they wanted to make one of her books into a movie. Within six months, she was flying out to Los Angeles and talking with the studio about the final script and a list of actors to play the roles. Excited about her lunch meeting, she was shocked when her muse for one of the characters walked in and sat down at the table with her.

Will Martinsson was riding high on his fame and loving every minute of it. He traveled the world meeting his legions of fans and could pick which roles he wanted. When the script was presented to him, he read it and was intrigued. Then he found out that the author had modeled the character after him, so he searched out information on her and his interest was piqued. He told the studio he wanted in, but he also wanted to meet her before he would sign on the dotted line.

When two independent, successful people meet and have a strong connection, there is nothing they can do but see where the dream takes them.

I have been a fan of this author's other books, so when I heard she was writing a completely different kind of book, I had to read it. One thing I loved about this book is the fact that it is a very sweet love story. If you are looking for a story with romance, but not wanting to read erotica, this is perfect. One thing this author's stories do is not tell you every little detail. Much is implied, which allows the reader to fill in the details as they suit them. Yes, there is sex, but it isn't the focus and it isn't explained in detail. More of the focus is in how the characters feel when they are together, therefore, if explicit sex turns you off, this is a great read. I also loved how the main character is a writer of stories much like this author's own books. It makes it feel all the more real.
Melissa Loring is a successful writer living in Tucson, where she lives with her assistant, Hannah Mills. Her luck is looking up when her book is going to be made into a movie. Her world gets much bigger when her favorite movie star. Will Martinsson, wants to be in it. As they hit it off, their adventure takes them across the world, and she finds herself falling in love.
The characters are wonderful. Melissa is quirky and has self esteem issues, but she has a heart of gold. Will is every woman's fantasy, sexy, sweet, and he knows how to treat a lady well. His British voice is referred to as ear porn by the two ladies, and he is hard to resist. Their journey towards love is real and imperfect, endearing them to you. Hannah is slowly finding her own romance, but something horrible happened to her with her last relationship, so she stumbles a bit. The next book in this series will be her story and I can't wait to read that book. If you love a sweet, funny romance, this is the book for you. I really liked this lighter read, and I am sure I will read it again.

Heidi gives When Dreams Come True

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