REVIEW - Besotted, Book 3 - The Billionaire Banker by Georgia Le Carre

Besotted - The Billionaire Banker Series, Book 3
By Georgia La Carre
...My heart was in a coffin, safe, dark, motionless... until I found you in a secret place, among the shadows of my soul. You saved me...
Blake Law Barrington.

Blake is now the new head of the Barrington dynasty. 'Forget the past,you are safe now,'he whispers.

But I can't feel safe.

How can I? I fear for him. The secrets are many and the road he travels is dark and treacherous.

And I still need answers to burning questions.

Why has he still not dealt with Victoria, who still remains too close for my comfort?

What will happen if Marcus re-enters our lives?

Will we ever really,truly be free from the tentacles of this ancient dangerous family?

Oh and you thought the suspense, mystery, outright hotness, deceit, conspiracy and outright hotness (did I say that already?) were over with in Forty Two Days???? THINK AGAIN.
First off this books starts off with one hell of a bang, and its never really clarified.  I mean I think I know what it is and I do pray I'm right, hopefully I will find out in Seduce Me.
Blake is now the head of the empire and seems to be having trouble wanting to expose Lana to any of it, but finds that in some instances he must.  But Blake quickly starts to learn how well our lovable Lana can handle the wolves. Its the snake in the grass that seems to be the real problem, Victoria is off her rocker, what a whackjob that woman is, and lord only knows what she is going to do to try and regain her place at Blake's side, after he professes his love for Lana.
This series continues to keep me in suspense,  On to Seduce Me now, more later.

Georgia Le Carre writes contemporary and adult romance.
She lives in a little old 19th century romantic cottage, surrounded by the most magical garden, filled
with fruit and walnut trees and teeming with wildlife.
Her diet includes all things chocolate and a voracious appetite for Romance reads, particularly new authors with a fresh voice.
When she is not feeding words into Amy, her precious laptop, she can be found lost in a long walk in the woods, particularly on moonlit nights; and often with the man of her dreams.
Drue gives Besotted:

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