REVIEW - Stealing Phin (The Phinegan Swift Adventures in Life and Love Series) by Avery Hale

What better way to heal your first broken heart than by finding your first true love?

Twenty-two year old Phinegan Swift is a hopeless romantic--a true believer in love. That is, until Douglas, her high-powered lawyer boyfriend and boss, betrays her. Completely devastated by his betrayal, she runs off to Costa Rica for a week with her best friend, Dez, to heal her broken heart and to find her sense of self again.

Instead, she finds Byron Michaels, a handsome and mysterious stranger who harbors a secret that Phin just can't figure out. All she knows is that Byron is a thief...First, he tries to steal her luggage, then he steals her massage, and finally, he tries to steal Phin's heart. Who is Byron? What hidden agenda has him following Phin all over Costa Rica? And why is he the only thing that works to keep Phin distracted from her heartache?

Just as Phin's heart begins to heal, things take a dramatic turn when Byron betrays Phin in his own way. Then, as she's reeling from this, someone from Phin's past shows up to win her back...or so he claims.

Will Phin have gained enough clarity to make the right choice? Will Phin be able to see both Douglas and Byron for who they really are? Will she do what her head tells her, or will she do what she always does...and follow her heart?

Stealing Phin was a great fun read.  And while I loved Phin I found that I REALLY like her bff Dez, every girl needs a bff like Dez in their life.
As the tale went on I thought I knew exactly how the story was going to go and then BAM I got smacked in the head with a twist I didn't see coming.  I kind of had an idea that Douglas was an ass, I just didn't realize how much of an ass he was, or what he was capable of.
This is a great read by a new author, with laughs, tears, a ton of sex on a stick men and just a truly good story. I'll be watching this author to see what she throws at us next.

Drue gives Stealing Phin:

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