Review-Craving by Stephanie Summers

 A small idyllic town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains is home to a thriving community. People are happy, crime is practically nonexistent, life is good…unless you’re Sabine Crowley, who has been chosen to be the next blood bag for the vampire lord who has protected the town from otherworldly creatures for 200 years. 

Sabine has big dreams for her life, and none of them include becoming a vampire’s concubine. On her 18th birthday, she seeks solitude to process the cruel turn her destiny has taken. As she sits alone in Cleary Park, a sexy stranger approaches her. He’s tall, mysterious, handsome, and a complete jerk. He soon reveals himself to be a vampire and she’s terrified of him and her strange attraction to him. She wants to get as far away from him as possible, yet finds herself wondering if she’ll see him again. 

Remy, the cocky newcomer vampire, has been summoned by his maker, Bastian, to take his place beside him in the hierarchy of vampires inhabiting Willow Creek. He’s none too thrilled to be stuck in a boring little town in the middle of nowhere where he’ll have to feed exclusively from the girl he’s been paired with. He’s repulsed by the whole situation. 

When Sabine tries to run away from her fate, Remy is forced to follow and bring her back. They’re unwillingly thrust into each other’s lives and reluctantly find an undeniable attraction between themselves. Will they ever look past their contempt for one another and act on their urges? Or are they destined to hate each other forever?

 So what can I say here? I'm a lady who likes to cuss...a every sentence if I can get by with it, though I know how to behave myself around children and the easily offended. I'm a self-published author who never considered writing a novel until after I was 30 years old. I decided to give it a shot, and, to my surprise, people actually like my story! I have a couple other stories I'm working on and a ton of other ideas for future works. I'm a little bit sarcastic (okay, a lot sarcastic), and I like to laugh just about as much as I like to bitch about things that annoy me. That's me in a nutshell.

 I liked this take on the vampire lore. This book is part of a series and I am interested to see where the next book leads to. In a small town in the mountains, vampires can walk around and not hide themselves because they have made a treaty with the locals that every 10 years, one of the townsfolk will willingly surrender to the vampires for the rest of their life. They become the food source and the town is kept protected from otherworldly creatures in return. Sabine Crowly is one of the humans chosen on her 18th birthday to be matched with Remy, a 400 year old vampire who does not want to be stuck in Willow Creek. When Sabine turns 21 she has to go live with Remy forever.She has always known this would happen because her parents pretty much ignored her and did not make college plans for her like they did her little sister. She tries to run away, but Remy catches her, and they clash together for a while. When a new vampire moves into town and goes after her, will she abandon Remy? What does this vampire want from her? Can she and Remy ever come together? What kind of decisions will be made for love? This is a really good beginning to a promising series, and I hope to read the next book soon! If you love vampires, you should check this book out!
 Heidi give Craving 

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