Review-A Wife's Fantasy by Cesare Ancona

When his sexy, refined and faithful wife comes home from a night out with the girls, she has a younger man in tow. Like most couples, they have fantasies, but never really intend to live them out. Not this time. His wife liked that last one a bit too much.

Ana and her husband have been married for 10 years and they are still in love after all these years. Ana tells her husband a fantasy that she has one night and he figures she would never act on it.
She brings home a guy, a stranger from a bar one night and tells her husband that he is here to help with the fantasy. Because husband loves her so much and just can't tell her no, he goes along with the fantasy even though he has to do things he has never even thought of doing.
This story is a very HOT read and I enjoyed it from the first page until the last page. I love how the author had special moments between the husband and wife even though there was another participant in the bedroom. You could tell the wife is dominant but the husband is fine with doing whatever she says to do. The husband and wife have a very trusting relationship and that is what makes this story even better besides the really hot sex scenes.  I would've liked to know the wife's thoughts through this story and not just the husband but otherwise it is a good read!
Barb gave A Wife's Fantasy

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