Review-Gina by Reneica Roberts

Regina Cole is an intriguing attorney who encounters obstacles of ups and downs as she fights for her mental stability. Her and her co-workers take on and battle one of the toughest cases ever as Wes Spencer her long time best friend fights to win over the love of his life.

I am married to a wonderful husband with 4 children. I was born in Amory, Ms and writing n sharing my stories has always been a great passion.

 Regina is a lawyer who begins to see a therapist for PTSD caused by her abusive husband. He seeks a divorce and it throws her over the edge. When her close co-worker Wesley seeks to turn over any obstacle to win over her love. He offers to handle her divorce and make it a smoother process. When their relationship turns from childhood friends to lovers Wesley finds himself swooped up in the violence.
Overall, I was impressed with Gina and found myself caught up in the story. For me, the story lacked emotion. It was mainly being told, not felt. There were moments where I felt like just a little bit more detail could go a long way. I liked the story line but felt the execution could have been better.


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