Review-Obsidian Wings by Laken Cane

 Gruesome murders begin to pop up in River County, and Rune is introduced to the bird shifters--to one bird in particular, a woman named Cree Stark. 

When she gets a whiff of the shifters' scents where COS had been executing a grisly sacrifice, Rune begins to suspect the birds know more about the slayers--and the twins--than they're willing to admit. 

Nothing is more important to Shiv Crew than finding Levi and Denim, but when Lex psychically connects with the twins, it isn't good news she brings back. 

As always, COS is at the center of it all. 

The world is beginning to look at the church differently, thanks to the tireless work of Bill Rice and others like him. The humans' acceptance is turning to fear. 

And what people fear, they hate. 

What the slayers are planning next will either finish them for good or give them everything they've ever wanted--Karin Love and unchallenged power. 

Rune and the crew race against time to save River County from the biggest monster they've faced yet. 
If they fail, the church will be closer than ever to their dream of creating an Otherless world. 

In Obsidian Wings, Rune hides a devastating physical weakness, makes an important choice in her love life, and gains a new understanding that will help her face the future. 

No matter what happens, their world is changing. 
The crew is growing. 
And so is Rune Alexander.

 Laken Cane is the pseudonym of a paranormal romance writer living in the Midwest. Her debut book, Shiv Crew, is a dark urban fantasy and is followed by Blood and Bite, book two, and Strange Trouble, book three. Book four, Obsidian Wings, is a work in progress. Places you can find Laken: Facebook: Twitter: @lakencane Goodreads:

 Alright, I will admit it. When this series ends, as they all do at some point, I am going to need extensive therapy for my addiction to Shiv Crew. This forth book in the series comes on the heels of that gut wrenching book three, which left me barely hanging on dealing with the sudden heartbreak the crew has to deal with. This series is so action packed, each page brings new challenges for the crew. They are still no closer to finding Levi and Denim, even after searching everywhere for them. The spirits of the crew are starting to dissolve into chaos and even the ever cheery Ellis is having trouble. Add to that the introduction of the birds, and Hell has arrived for our crew.
Not everyone is surprised when the birds show up. Berzerker seems to know who they are even though none of the crew has ever seen one. The birds are shifters. Human at times, and huge golden eagle like birds at others. They live by their own rules, ones that do not resemble humanity at all. They have a bit of a hive mind, and cannot usually survive when banished from the flock. They only care about themselves and they have no honor. And it looks like the Church of Slayers is back in full force, working to get Karin Love out of prison. Something bad is brewing, but Rune is having trouble pulling the pieces together in time. When Lex is able to sense the twins, hope flickers in the crew, and they will go to any lengths to get their boys back. But what shape will they be in when they are found? The heartbreak comes anew when Rune is caught looking for the twins. Can she survive the horror that the captors unleash on her? Will Shiv Crew ever recover? And what sick, twisted torment will be unleashed on the county this time? The stakes are higher, the evil larger, the battles more epic in this installment of the series. I only wonder, how much more torment can the team take before none of them ever recovers? This book does not disappoint. There is no way one can set this book down because the action never takes a break. It is an adrenaline rush like no other, so hang on , buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

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