Review-Sand and Clay by Sarah Robinson

Young New York City socialite Caroline Sanders is perfectly satisfied with her life until the brooding rock star Logan Clay tramples all over her illusions and shows her just how much she has been missing.

There are a million reasons why they shouldn’t be together and their timing couldn’t possibly be worse. Nothing goes according to plan and Logan must choose between Caroline or his career. Caroline must choose between this newly found love or the life her parents had made for her.
As much as they fight their true feelings, fate keeps throwing them back into each other’s lives. Can they find a way to be together when they have every reason to run the opposite direction? Happy endings might not be for everyone... 

 Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and continues to reside there with her new husband, Justin, and their many pets! She has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in criminal psychology. A vast amount of in-depth work experiences in intense environments have given her a plethora of experiences to draw from when writing crime dramas as well as romance. Writing has been her hobby since high school and she has been published several times over multiple platforms.

Sand & Clay was her first full-length novel and will have a sequel coming out in 2015. Logan's Story is the prequel to Sand & Clay and is coming July 2014. Her second book was Tainted Bodies and is the first part of The Photographer Trilogy, followed by Tainted Pictures and ending with Untainted. Her writing often concentrates on the complexity of love and emotions and the struggles of finding your destined path through life, as well as overcoming life’s tragedies and misfortunes. She combines psychological complexities and human emotions to attempt to create real characters experiencing life in a very real way. Her books focus on redemption and forgiveness, learning to build on what has been broken.

This book grabbed me from page one and never let go. Every time I thought I knew what direction it would go in, WHAM!!!! I love that about great reads. This rockstar read is unlike any I have read. Through the entire book, you find yourself asking, "what would I do in this situation?" Over and over, I found myself looking down at my kindle thinking that I must be near the end of the book to only, happily, realizing that I wasn't even half way though it. 
Logan Clay is a very successful, spoiled, arrogant rock star who has fallen in to the trap of money and fame.  He is living with his girlfriend/ manager in a ritzy penthouse. She runs his life. The love is gone, but he owes her so much for his success. But to her, he is just a job, a way to be famous. He doesn't even realize how much he is missing in life, choosing to be numb instead. Sitting in a coffee shop, he encounters Caroline. She is a paralegal who is studying for the BAR exam. Her life has always been great. She grew up in a wealthy family, went to the best schools, has good friends, keeps everything organized, and has always tried to fit her life to be the one she thinks her parents want. She doesn't even want to be a lawyer. But she has never rocked the boat. Their first encounter, where she pretends not to know who he is, shakes Logan awake. He hasn't ever felt what he feels for her. When he leaves tickets to his sold out show for her, she decides to take a chance. But she wasn't prepared to find out he has a girlfriend! Heart broken, she vows to avoid him like the plague, but her heart has different ideas. When she confronts him, he says he cannot leave Gina, but that he loves her. To which she replies,"you don't love me enough". And the journey begins there. It is a wild ride of a 6 month tour, speed dating and so much more! You have to grab this book and go on this amazing journey. It will take you on an adventure that will have you laughing, gasping, wanting to hurl your kindle at the wall more than once, break your heart, and make you buy stock in Kleenex. But it is so worth the ride! I thought I knew what was in store after reading Logan's Story. I could not have been more wrong. 
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