REVIEW–A Dominant Man by Lena Black


Book Title – A Dominant Man
Author – Lena Black
Publisher – Self Published

Gabrielle Hyde is bright, beautiful, and feisty, with a brilliant future ahead of her and an even darker past to overcome. Damian Hunt, CEO of Hunt Industries Inc., is tormented by his inner demons, shattered past, and need to control.

When Elle falls into Hunt's life, their need to be possessed by the other takes hold, beginning the young couple's roller coaster affair. Damian becomes obsessed with Elle, his desire to dominate her, and his ability to give her what she deserves...Possibilities.

When their pasts make themselves present, Elle starts to wonder if she could ever truly give in to such...A DOMINANT MAN




7849178 Lena Black is a former Medical Assistant living in Los Angeles. She was introduced to books at a young age by her mother and grandmother's love of the written word. She is currently working on the next novel in the series with others in the works.



This is  a very difficult review for me to write.  I almost backed out of writing this, that would be a first for me.  I finished this book a while ago and I’ve been going back and forth with myself over what I should do.  I’ve decided to go ahead with this review and as you read on the why will become clear.

A Dominant Man is much like most of the other reviews portray it to be.  It is a FSOG clone.  And I do mean CLONE, there are so many similarities that at a few points I had to stop and think….am I rereading FSOG?  I thought about listing them but there are just way to many.  And I absolutely despised that, I mean if I want to reread FSOG I will open it up and reread it. 


I forced myself to finish this book, you know why?  Because I just HAD to see if it ended the same way FSOG did. (no I’m not going to tell you).  Throughout the first half of the book I couldn’t stand Ella and Damian, but as I got through the second half of the book I began to see little snippets of this writers true abilities, they would show themselves and they gave me a glimpse into the writing she is capable of, and for that reason alone I finished the book and am posting this review.


I will read book 2 when it comes out, praying that the glimpses of great original writing I spotted late in A Dominant Man get a chance to shine on their own, without the supporting scenes taken directly from other works.


I gave this book 3 stars on the wonderful writing ability I see in this writer.





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