REVIEW - If You Can’t Stand The Heat by H K Carlton

Book Title - If You Can't Stand The Heat
Author - H K Carlton
Publisher - Totally Bound

Somebody’s about to get burnt…
An unlikely couple is brought together as celebrity judges on a new cooking show—Sesto Théodore, an American-Italian New York chef, and Syn Fully, a world-weary author of erotica. It’s instantly clear that they are complete opposites and their personalities clash, but physically, sparks fly and passion ignites.
However, after a video with some rather personal content surfaces on the Internet, Sesto immediately jumps to conclusions and accuses Syn of the breach.
Can the arrogant chef forgive and forget, or will his pride leave him out in the cold?

H K Carlton is a multi-published Canadian author of romance and its varied sub-genres, including contemporary, paranormal, historical, family saga and erotica.

If You Can’t Stand the Heat by HK Carlton was sweet, funny, hot and very entertaining. I found myself smiling numerous times throughout this book. There were times that you just wanted to slap some sense into the main characters, but hey, you gotta love them.
I like the way that it shows how uninhibited someone can be on the outside, but then they question themselves nine ways to Sunday on the inside. I believe we can all relate to that. How many times have you ever asked yourself “Why did I do that”?
I give this book 4 stars**** because it kept me entertained and did not bore me. I think a little more background on the characters would have been helpful, but that is me. I like to know everything I can about characters that I am reading about.

Deborah gives If You Can't Stand The Heat

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