REVIEW - Temptation by Sunny Lane


Book Title - Temptation
Author - Sunny Lane
Publisher - Musa Publishing

A young woman searches for the sensuous inner female she fears has been lost.

Serena Briolette makes a conscious decision to recapture a sensual portion of her self she worries has become dormant. She enjoys dressing in a sexy and provocative manner while preparing for a night out on the town. Temptation greets her almost instantly and she delights in flirting with the possibilities. Will Serena resist or succumb to the wicked pleasures of the evening?





This story intrigued me from the first page until the very end. The author knew how to draw me into the story and keep my attention throughout.

Serena is a woman who wants to find her inner sexiness again. She wants to feel desired, to flirt with unknown men, and find a man who can make her feel wanted and valuable again. She does her routine and puts on a very sexy dress. She packs an overnight bag and off she goes to a very expensive hotel.

I think Serena is like almost every woman out there, that loses their self while life takes over. She knows she is sexy but she forgets that little detail sometimes. So doing all this starts to make her feel sexy again. She can't wait to meet that guy who will treat her the way she wants to be treated, at least for one night.

What I didn't expect was the ending. It was a pleasant surprise and I think it's a wonderful idea to do. Spice up your life and just enjoy the night while finding your inner sexiness. I really loved Serena and everything I think she stood for in this story. So worth the read.


Barb gives Temptation

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