REVIEW - The Ranch Hand by Erin Bevan


Book Title - The Ranch Hand
Author - Erin Bevan
Publisher - The Wild Rose Press

Jason Haverty is looking forward to the fall horse drive, until his boss and uncle informs him one of the new cowboys coming in to help will be riding his favorite horse. His annoyance is furthered when the cowboy turns out to be a cowgirl—a quick-witted and confident blonde beauty. Trying to avoid her doesn’t work. The more time he spends with her, the more an unexpected protectiveness toward her grows.

Bobby Jo's Texas upbringing taught her to give just as good as she gets, a quality Jason finds frustrating and all the more endearing in this Southern Belle. When an accident on the trail places her in possible danger, Jason realizes she means more to him than he thought. The question is, does she feel the same?



I'm a wife, mother slash little bit of writer on the side. I spend most of my days shuffling three kids around, rocking our newest screaming addition to the family, cleaning the house and writing whenever I get the opportunity.



This was an easy read and I did enjoy it. The characters are easy to like and who doesn't like reading about a sexy cowboy.

Jason works on his uncles ranch and every year they have a horse drive across country and they have to borrow a couple of newbies from another ranch. Jason is expecting two guys by the name of Mike and Bobby. Not only is Jason upset because they will be newbies who have never been on a horse drive but when they arrive, Jason finds out that Bobby is not a guy but a beautiful gal with an attitude too match. Jason tries his best to try and tell her what to expect but all he can think about is what he could expect if they got together.

Bobby is not new to riding horses and she proves to Jason that she can ride anything that he dares her too. They both do not want to admit they are attracted to each other and both keep thinking what it would be to be with the other one. Bobby is trying to prove just because she is a girl, she can do just as good or better as a guy. While Jason is trying to protect her because he is having feelings for her. They make a cute pair.

I liked the book but the only thing I didn't like was the ending. I was hoping to find out how the horse drive ended and a little more about Jason and Bobbys budding relationship. I understand with it being a short read you can't put every single detail in the book. I felt it was rushed a little bit at the end.. But besides that, it was an enjoyable read.



Barb gives The Ranch Hand

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