REVIEW - The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I by Silk Jones


Book Title - The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I
Author - Silk Jones
Publisher - Self Published

A laid off legal secretary with a curiosity about the B.D.S.M. lifestyle responds to an advertisement in a lifestyle magazine placed by a law firm seeking a "submissive legal assistant" and gets more than she bargained for. This short story is the kickoff to a series about a law firm that has quite a bit going on behind closed doors.



Silk has always been a lover of all things sexy. As a child, she read every book in her parents' collection which included "The Joy of Sex" as well as novels by Harold Robbins and Sidney Sheldon. Later in life, she discovered erotica. Her favorite authors in the genre include Anais Nin, Anne Rice, Henry Miller, and those Victorian spanking novels written by "Anonymous."

Silk writes erotica, erotic romance and erotic poetry. Although she has written several erotic spanking stories to entertain her friends, "The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I" is her first foray into the publishing world. She hopes that you enjoy her stories.



This book was a very good short read. I thought when I started reading this that I knew where the story line was going but I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong.

Laura is a legal secretary that has been laid off and she is an avid reader and she loves erotica. She decides to research B.D.S.M and finds an ad for a submissive legal assistant. She doesn't know if she is submissive but she has the qualifications as the legal assistant and decides she is going to apply. It says in the ad to not wear panties but she is not leaving the house without panties because it just feels unclean somehow.

The man she is meeting is Mr. Dunbar otherwise known as Sir and Sir you had better call him otherwise you will not be sitting down for quite awhile. Throughout the interview she realizes she is getting excited but she has broken rules and Sir is going to punish her to make sure if she is hired that she will never disobey an order again.

I have to say I couldn't wait to see what happen between these two.  Mr. Dunbar is a guy who demands respect and I am not sure if Laura can fill those shoes but time will tell. I can not wait to see this relationship of Dom/Submissive maybe turn into more. I really enjoyed this book and this author has a knack for getting me more than just a little hot!


Barb gives The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I

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