REVIEW - Kissin' Hell by Jodi Redford


Book Title - Kissin' Hell
Author - Jodi Redford
Publisher - Self Published

A brand spankin' new That Old Black Magic spin-off series is on it's way! Kissin' Hell is also part of the Red Hot Treats multi-author collection.

There are two certainties in life soul collector and hellhound Jericho Stryker knows too well—Death never takes a holiday, and women are typically more trouble than they’re worth. That goes double for his personal nemesis and regular pain in his backside, Lola McKenna. Sure, the luscious little hellcat gets his blood boiling in more ways than one, but some scratches are best left un-itched. That determination is strained to the max when a botched soul acquisition job lands him on the same case as Lola.

Fetching a stubborn soul from a haunted bordello should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Lola, she has to deal with Jericho horning in on her bounty. Attempting to keep her cool and her wits around her sinfully sexy adversary? Easier said than done. Especially when she finds herself locked overnight with Jericho. Not strangling him before sunrise? A faint possibility. Ignoring the lusty, depraved sexual fantasies he awakens in her? A snowball’s chance in hell of happening. But worst of all is the very real possibility that he could steal the one thing she most fears losing to him—her heart.



At the ripe age of seven, Jodi Redford penned her first epic, complete with stick figure illustrations. Sadly, her drawing skills haven't improved much, but her love of fantasy worlds never went away. These days she writes about fairies, ghosts, and other supernatural creatures, only with considerably more heat.

She has won numerous contests, including The Golden Pen and Launching a Star.
When not writing or working the day job, she enjoys gardening and way too many reality television shows.

Currently residing in Michigan with her husband and overgrown lapdog, she is a member of RWA national and Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America.

She loves to hear from readers. You can email her at
and visit her online at



I loved this book from page one. It had humor, sexual tension, and a very hot leading guy along with a very sexy gal! There is fast paced hunting along with both characters trying so hard not to admit they really like each other.

Jericho Stryker was a hellhound who was soul collector and was very good at his job. He didn't take shit off anyone including a female soul collector by the name of Lola McKenna. Sure he dreamed of having her under him in bed but this was business and no female was going to out do him at his job.  Lola McKenna wasn't as good as Jericho but damn it he got under her skin and she was going to prove that she was just as good as he was. They both are attracted to each other but refuse to even admit it. They end up having to work together and it gets harder and harder (in more ways than one) to resist each other.

This book had me laughing through the whole story. I loved the dialogue between these two. You can tell they like each other but it's their way to get on each others nerves until they both finally admit they do better together than apart. I fell in love with Jericho and hope to read more about him in future books. Lola is a smart mouthed girl and I can relate to her because I am the same way. This book is so worth the read and I will keep my eyes out for more from this author!


Barb gives Kissin' Hell

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