REVIEW - Love Her Like the Devil by Stacy Dawn

Book Title - Love Her Like the Devil
Author - Stacy Dawn
Publisher - The Wild Rose Press
A chance meeting in a honky tonk on Halloween finds Luke in the arms of a brown-haired beauty. But if the stories he overhears are true, she may be far more than she seems...and he's more than ready to find out.
The Truth...
My mother feared I would never marry. She claimed I was far too picky where men were concerned. How could I not be? I believed in fate, in true love, in soul mates. My parents' beautiful relationship was proof they existed, and I wasn’t about to settle for anything less. I knew he was out there; I just had to be patient. Turned out I had to be very patient.
I found out that dreams don’t always come quickly, but they do come true. My stories reflect the same persistence and need to believe. My heroines may not always have an easy time of it but, in the end, they always get their man...just like I did.
The Reality...
I live in Canada in a century home in continuous need of repair and filled to the brim with way too much testosterone (even the dog is male). My sports-aholic husband is happily sharing his addiction with our sons who are already proving to have more of an obsession than their mentor.
Is it any wonder I write romance? It's the only place to keep my feminine side happy.
Stacy Dawn knew how to grab my attention from the very start of the book.  I love Halloween and being this story took place on Halloween made me love the story even more. Halloween has a lot of stories about haunted houses, ghosts and such but the back story about the legend of this town and the devil coming out and picking one victim to seduce to their death. I have to say the ending was a shocker but that's what I loved about this book, you just never knew what was going to happen.
You can tell Luke and Helen are going to hit it off. I mean he is a sexy cowboy and she is a very sexy lady looking for a true cowboy to take home for the night. The description of how they act with each other, what they are wearing  gives you a very clear idea of what they both want-----each other.
I kept thinking about the devil coming out at Halloween and I knew who it was, or so I thought. This book really backs up the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover" because this book gives you one hell of a surprise at the end. I can not wait to read more of Stacy Dawn books! She is such a good author with such detail that it kept me thinking one thing but you just never know what is in store for you until the very end.
Barb gives Love Her Like the Devil

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