REVIEW - When I Dream of You by Rosa Sophia


Book Title - When I Dream of You
Author - Rosa Sophia
Publisher - Limitless Publishing LLC

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual content. Nina Archer battles memories of a trauma that occurred twelve years ago... With plans to move to North Carolina, she hopes to separate herself from her mother, whose excessive drinking is becoming unbearable. Then suddenly, fate steps in to help her heal in a way she would never think possible. While running a race in Juno Beach, Nina finds herself next to a man whom she's immediately attracted to. Wes Ladner, the same man she dreamt about one year ago... Wes is focused on his writing, and has no time for a woman. But the night before they met, he dreamt of Nina. Although they come from two very different worlds neither of them can deny the sparks that fly between them. As her time runs out to make a decision, Nina wonders if she's been given the chance to come to terms with her past, and accept a gift that some never receive-true love.



Rosa Sophia has been writing since childhood. Taking 1960, her first novel, was published by Oaklight Publishing in August of 2010. Her second novel, Check Out Time, was published in 2012. Rosa began her editing work while she was still in high school; she worked as an intern and reviewed submissions for the Bucks County Writer. Shortly after that, she joined the staff of Wild River Review and began doing freelance editing on the side. She also taught a fiction writing workshop at Tinicum Art and Science and edited for a Writers Community geared toward alternative faiths. Addicted to writing, Rosa is working on several projects. In 2012, she attended the Key West Literary Seminar and Jay Parini’s fiction workshop, where she tore apart a chapter of At the Turn of a Wrench, the sequel to Check Out Time.

Rosa edits for publishing companies and independent clients (authors like you) and she is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and Authors for Libraries. She currently divides her time between writing, editing, and fixing cars. She holds a degree in Automotive Technology. Rosa was also the official Historian for the Village of North Palm Beach for three years, is currently an active member of the Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists, and a member of the Friends of the Everglades. When she finds the time, she enjoys writing about automotive topics and history. Click here to visit her personal blog, The Back-words Writer. Rosa currently divides her time between South Florida and Pennsylvania. She enjoys running and hiking and is a member of the Palm Beach Roadrunners.



This story is about something bad happening, trying to deal with what has happened and then trying to move on. Sometimes moving on isn't as easy as some people think it is, especially when you don't really have anyone to turn too when you need it the most.

Nina Archer is trying to deal with a major trauma and she doesn't have her dad to turn too, he has past away and her mother is a drunk and isn't any help.  Nina also has dreamt of a guy a year ago and she can't forget that dream.  Nina meets the exact guy she dreamed of and is instantly attracted but she is so afraid of getting hurt again, she isn't sure what she needs to do. She wants to quit hurting, to quit always remembering that awful night and this guy seems to be the key to helping her move on. It's like they are meant to be together and they both are on the same page. These feelings scare Nina but she knows she must move on with getting over the trauma and getting away from her mom.

Wes Ladner is a writer and that's all he has time for now a days. He also has dreamt of a girl who seems to be meant for him but just maybe it's just a dream and nothing more than that. Until he meets Nina, and that's when he realizes the girl he dreamt of was her. He can't stop thinking of her. Always wants to be with her, to help her, too love her for always. He helps her realize that just because bad things happen doesn't mean she always has to be sad.  They both compliment each other and both need each other to help one another with their problems.  Fate seems to have brought them together. I love stories of people learning to move on after tragedy's and this is about a woman that ends up falling in love and that helps her to move on.

I was invested in this story and it evoked emotion from me. I could feel Nina's pain and wanting something better than what her past gave her and what she had at this time. Life has a way of putting people in our lives when we need them the most. I believe this is how Wes ends up in Nina's life when she needs it the most.


Barb gives When I Dream of You

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